This morning was the shakeout run lead by Bart Yasso. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Bart might me running royalty but I think I was more giddy to finally meet The Silent Assassin (a.k.a. Shane)

Shakeout Shaka! Photo courtesy of TSA

Shakeout Shaka! Photo courtesy of TSA

Making friends across the country via blogging and running is so cool. Then meeting them and feeling like you have always known them is a bonus 🙂

We did 3 easy miles and then hit up the expo so Valerie could pick up her first ever full marathon bib!




I took advantage of this photo op while at the expo too!

The rest of the day has been low key. Just relaxing “houseboat style” and getting ready to head out at 4:30am. We will start running at 6:00am. I’m hoping for a super amazing sunrise.
In the meantime I’m just gonna enjoy the view and the company and some chocolate. life is good!


What has made you happy today?