While I’m waiting for the calf/ankle stuff to settle a bit and since it’s taper week I skipped my run today. I’ve been substituting some Starbucks to “sip out the small stuff” for now. I admit, a nice hot Caramel Macchiato eases my mind. And a little shopping never made anyone’s tendonitis any worse =)

Sip and shop: it's the easiest form of cross training

Sip and shop: it’s the easiest form of cross training

I keep thinking about my last convo with the physical therapist 2 weeks ago. I said I felt so good I didn’t need further treatment. He advised to come at least once more time since my referral would expire at the end of the month anyway. And so I made the appointment with the expectation that I’d cancel. Well now I’m so desperate I can’t wait to go there tomorrow. I’m going to have to put my tail between my legs and beg for his help and hope he can work some miracles on the calf now in addition to the ankle. Lesson learned.

This morning, since I had some extra time, and it was fairly cool, I took the doodle to the park for a walk. He loves those unexpected morning trips in the car. (I know this because I understand non-verbal dog language of course =)

My pre-caffeinated, bedhead and puffy eyes joined

My pre-coffee look: bedhead and puffy eyes

I’ve only got 2 more nights with the furrkid before I’m off to San Francisco. I miss him already.

And it takes a lot to pack for a running vacation. Lord knows i’ll be unpacking and repacking and swapping in and swapping out stuff until the last minute.

Meanwhile, I’m getting a little nostalgic about my trip to Cali last year.

How are you at packing for running vacations? Do you need to match your race outfits?


  1. Total matcher! If I am not running good at least I’m looking good! I’ll even match clothes for the expo. If I don’t match, I’ll be sure to rep gear that will get me noticed like my Runemz gear 😉

  2. Not only must my race outfits match, my every day workout outfits must match! 🙂

    And PS: I’m a total over-packer. You should have seen all the stuff I packed for my overnight stay at a hotel an hour from my house! Ridiculous (but I had everything I needed [and more])!

  3. Looks like a beautiful walk!! I am the worst at packing for running vacations, I tend to overpack just to make sure I have everything I need in case I change my mind on something.

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