Hello. Happy Tuesday!

I just got back from a short run. I went out SLOW and my knee seemed to hold up. YAY! At least I know I’m making progress. Crazy weather here. 62 degrees today and we’re expecting snowfall of 3-6 inches tomorrow!


So I made it through working 2 days straight at the Philadelphia Marathon Expo representing the New Jersey Marathon. Day 1 was AMAZING and EXHILARATING. But Day 2 was even better!

First and foremost, we gave out about a gazillion pounds of Jersey-shore-made salt water taffy. It’s nice to know the Expo patrons were able to get their fix. And we had so many people register for our races and enter our raffle. We gave out a bunch of magnets and shirts too.


It was so great to have so many runners stop by our booth just to say thank you. Many had qualified for Boston on our course this past year and will be running the Boston Marathon in 2015. Of course this means they probably won’t be registering for the New Jersey Marathon again for 2015 since it’s the week after. Some just told us that they love everything about the race. One man happened to mention to Joe (the race director) that his dad had run the race over 10 times at least.


Joe answering questions about the race. Otto (with the bright green cap), the pace team leader was answering questions about his pace groups.

Joe then pulled up his data conveniently on his laptop to confirm and then let him know that his dad was eligible for complimentary (FREE!) entry because of his consecutive completion status. YEAH! I’m already signed up for year 3. 7 more and I’ll get complimentary entry too. Joe really is such a wealth of knowledge not just about organizing a marathon but about the sport of running too. We discussed different training plans and always having a purpose for your runs. No junk miles! He took me to lunch at the Reading Market across from the convention center. Woah! Total food mecca! We went to Hershel’s Deli where I scarfed down the best turkey sandwich I’ve ever had (and didn’t even have time to take a picture of it before inhaling it!). We then split their famous apple cake.

Hershel's East Side Apple Cake

Hershel’s East Side Apple Cake

By the end of the night my feet were killing me. So I used my co-worker’s bottle of aerosol deoderant as a foot massage. Weird? Yes. Efficient? Totally! I really needed to massage those arches.

A new way to massage your feet!

A new way to massage your feet!

I keep thinking of all the folks that said Philly was going to be their first race! For some, their first 1/2 marathon. For others, their first full. I found myself excited for absolute strangers. That’s what I love about runners. We’re truly a community that feels more like a family. It just made me more energized for my next marathon training cycle beginning in January.

There were 2 specific negative response I received while working the New Jersey Marathon booth though. One man was disappointed in the finisher’s medal for this year. It wasn’t the size or quality but rather the message. He felt it was a bit juvenile.

Let Your Star Shine!

Let Your Star Shine!

He suggested it be a more beachy theme since it is a race that is run at the Jersey shore and finishes on the boardwalk. We actually appreciated his feedback. And apparently I’m told the 2015 medal is already moving in that direction.

Another runner came to complain about the food at the end of the race. I must admit that while constructive criticism is always appreciated, she was a bit obnoxious. Luckily I didn’t take it personally. As a matter of fact I had just learned a few minutes earlier that the sponsor of the food actually dropped the ball. And this year that feedback has already been taken into consideration and a new plan is in the works. YAY!

After I wrapped up at the Expo on Saturday night I drove straight to my boyfriend’s house. He had been watching Duncan for me for the day.

Duncan and his throne

Apparently duncan treats throw pillows like thrones. And Chester just needs lots of space =)

I walked into a house with the aroma of brownies in the oven. Oh yes, how lucky was I? The boyfriend had brownies in the oven and Ben and Jerry’s standing by. Perfect ending to a perfect night.

Sunday we went out for a bike ride through a state park nearby. We covered almost 10 miles. Very HILLY miles. It was a gorgeous day and we had the park practically to ourselves.

photo 5We both split up to take care of some stuff in the afternoon and then later in the eve he came to install my new storm door while the dogs supervised.

photo 1

Hurry up so we can eat pork chops. Well you can eat pork chops and I can beg with my sad eyes

photo 2

You almost done with the door install?

photo 3[1]

tah dah!

photo 5[1]


Can’t believe Thanksgiving is in a couple more days. They’ve already started setting up last night for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


This is 34th street! They’ll be doing audio rehearsal and sound check tomorrow probably

Don’t forget to thank those who inspire you to run as part of NYRR’s #GiftOfRunning campaign. I made sure to thank Lisa.



Are you a Thanksgiving person? I like it but it always stresses me out that Christmas is 4 weeks away. Sometimes I wish we could just hit the pause button for a bit.

What’s the weather like where you are?