I can’t believe we’re halfway through my favorite month—October.

Silly Snapchat filtered Sally eating a freshly picked apple.

I love the Fall here in the North East. The weather has finally come down to a temperature I can get behind. Plus, I get to wear hoodies again. And the main reason October is my favorite month is because my birthday falls on the 25th. I also love Fall traditions like apple and pumpkin picking. And that’s just what I got to do this past weekend.

Mr. SOTSS, the girls, the dogs and I all drove out to the North Fork of Long Island to visit with Mr. SOTSS’ dad and his wife and do some Octobery stuff. We tackled apple picking, pumpkin picking AND a corn maze by day and had an Octoberfest inspired dinner by night (I didn’t take a single picture of our German food #fail).

The corn maze was uber muddy because it had rained all morning

The girls carved their pumpkins when we got home.

Here are a few other notable tidbits since my previous post:

  • The new house/neighborhood: I’ve settled in a bit more to the new digs. Duncan too! He found a new spot to perch which now gives him the opportunity to look out the window. I’m thrilled for him. I know how much he loved looking out the window at our last place. We love walking to the lake and I think it’s becoming my new way of calming down. When I get stressed I just walk that 1/4 mile to the dock and just take a few breaths.

    My view when i pull in the driveway 🙂

    I can see out the window now!

    sittin’ on the dock

    Takin’ a lil’ selfie by the lake

    lily pad flowers are the cutest

    leaves are just beginning to change color

    sunset at the lake

  • Running: I am getting a bit more of a running routine back. I can officially say I’m running at least once every week. HA! Sounds so funny to think that one weekly run makes me happy when i used to run so much more but I know consistency is the key to everything. I’m looking to double that statistic and start running 2X per week in November. And by next year 3 weekly runs should become the norm again…hopefully with a nice weekend long run.

    Sept 28th Run

    Sept 22nd Run

    Sept 17th Run

    October 12th Run

    October 6th Run

  • Doodle Romp: A few weeks ago i took Duncan to a “Doodle Romp” at a beach nearby here in Monmouth County New Jersey. People came from quite a distance to attend and I couldn’t believe how many adorable doodles there were. Duncan had a blast and played like a puppy.

    Duncan’s favorite playmate of the day


  • Billy Joel: Mr. SOTSS and I got to see Billy Joel perform 2 weeks ago and it was amazing! He sang over 20 songs and even one of my favorites “We Didn’t Start the Fire”.

Other than that Mr. SOTSS and I have been balancing between loving the living together situation and getting on each others nerves as most couples do. But when we’re loving the situation I document it because it would be weird to take a photo of us being snarky with each other 🙂


Chester feels like Duncan gets way too much of my social media so every now and again I make sure to post him on my Instagram.

Making an Insta cameo

Oh and I’m loving how our super worn wood steps leading up to the front door look with our freshly blooming daisies. Good reason not to-repaint them!

Before the daisies bloomed I was thinking maybe we should repaint these steps

We’ll that’s it for now. Next time I post I’ll be 45 years old! That’s scarier than Halloween. I’m not handling this whole aging this well.

What is your favorite month?

Do you like the fall?

Any good anti-aging tips?


  1. Love that you are running again!! And your little slice of heaven is beautiful!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    My favorite month is July.
    I will agree with you regarding the steps … they look great with the daisies!!!
    As far as aging, I think you look fantastic! Keep doing what your doing.
    Running, fresh air, and being happy is the best anti-aging medicine.

  4. Happy Birthday, girl!

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