Hi folks,

It was 60 and sunny here in New York City today. I took advantage of my day off by sleeping in a bit.

Then it was paying bills, laundry and other random chores before the doodle and I decided to lounge for a bit.

photo 1

My knee = his pillow. His head = my heating pad. Win-Win!

I thought about going for my run early (I even put running clothes on when I woke up) but since I realized I would have to get my Jeep from the mechanic later in the afternoon I decided to hold off and just run to the mechanic (to save me from having to ask a favor of someone to drive me). It’s actually only 3.5 miles from my home but I needed to cover 7-8ish miles per my training schedule, so I ran a couple of laps around the park that was along the route.

photo 2

my eyes must have still been filled with sweat because i didn’t center the watch in the middle and the mileage and time are cut off. LOL!

7.4 miles later and I picked up the Jeep with a new transmission pan, filter/fluid. YAY! Let’s hope this is FINALLY it for a while at least. I’ve got running gear and races that I’d rather be using my credit card for =)

Today’s run went well for the first 2 miles and then I just BONKED! I felt the dreaded heavy legs. It was warm considering the winter running I’ve been used to. I can’t remember the last time I wore a short sleeve shirt. My sweat was super salty too! Luckily the last mile and a half was downhill! I’m just grateful this was only a “dress rehearsal” run and not the main event =).

Of course now I’m curious what the weather will be on race day. I’ve got 24 more days to obsess be curious…

Running is a great way to get from A to B. I should do it more often.

Tonight I made a quick pit stop with Duncan to our friend’s house. Duncan and his pal Lu gave me the perfect pitiful face in return for some hamburger.


is that a hamburger? is there cheese on it?!

It just started raining and is supposed to rain tomorrow too but the weekend weather forecast looks great! Good thing because I’ve got a 20 mile training run at 7am sharp on Sunday and I really am not ready to run in a downpour again like I did at the Philly Love Run last weekend. Speaking of…they gave each finisher a free finisher’s photo. Not a glamorous one but you can see how happy I was to be done.

IMG_2510 (683x1024)

me and my poncho…we were good friends on Sunday

Question: Anyone run to work or use running as a mode of transportation to get somewhere in particular?