Hi folks,

It was 60 and sunny here in New York City today. I took advantage of my day off by sleeping in a bit.

Then it was paying bills, laundry and other random chores before the doodle and I decided to lounge for a bit.

photo 1

My knee = his pillow. His head = my heating pad. Win-Win!

I thought about going for my run early (I even put running clothes on when I woke up) but since I realized I would have to get my Jeep from the mechanic later in the afternoon I decided to hold off and just run to the mechanic (to save me from having to ask a favor of someone to drive me). It’s actually only 3.5 miles from my home but I needed to cover 7-8ish miles per my training schedule, so I ran a couple of laps around the park that was along the route.

photo 2

my eyes must have still been filled with sweat because i didn’t center the watch in the middle and the mileage and time are cut off. LOL!

7.4 miles later and I picked up the Jeep with a new transmission pan, filter/fluid. YAY! Let’s hope this is FINALLY it for a while at least. I’ve got running gear and races that I’d rather be using my credit card for =)

Today’s run went well for the first 2 miles and then I just BONKED! I felt the dreaded heavy legs. It was warm considering the winter running I’ve been used to. I can’t remember the last time I wore a short sleeve shirt. My sweat was super salty too! Luckily the last mile and a half was downhill! I’m just grateful this was only a “dress rehearsal” run and not the main event =).

Of course now I’m curious what the weather will be on race day. I’ve got 24 more days to obsess be curious…

Running is a great way to get from A to B. I should do it more often.

Tonight I made a quick pit stop with Duncan to our friend’s house. Duncan and his pal Lu gave me the perfect pitiful face in return for some hamburger.


is that a hamburger? is there cheese on it?!

It just started raining and is supposed to rain tomorrow too but the weekend weather forecast looks great! Good thing because I’ve got a 20 mile training run at 7am sharp on Sunday and I really am not ready to run in a downpour again like I did at the Philly Love Run last weekend. Speaking of…they gave each finisher a free finisher’s photo. Not a glamorous one but you can see how happy I was to be done.

IMG_2510 (683x1024)

me and my poncho…we were good friends on Sunday

Question: Anyone run to work or use running as a mode of transportation to get somewhere in particular?

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  1. I only live @3 miles from work, but I am an elementary school teacher, and there aren’t any showers for me to use at the school. Not to mention that my son goes to school with me, so he would also have to foot it, and that is NOT going to happen any time soon! It would be cool to do it, though!

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