OK, so no tigers….just heavy legs and side stitches.

I really am losing faith in my running abilities lately. Every run sucks more than the last. I’m constantly feeling like I can’t get my legs off the ground and today during my 10 miler I had another side stitch that lasted for about 4 miles. I’m trying to remember the last run that I had that I was actually feeling good and happy. My friend posted this and I can totally relate except that I haven’t felt #1 much.

11986311_1036368506395806_5252700706457054723_nSo I got my 10 miles done but there were a few complete stops that I paused the Garmin for so I was really slower than this. Sheesh!

IMG_8047I want to run my 17 miler next weekend with my running peeps but I’m afraid they’ll leave me in the dust. Perhaps I can turn this around. Maybe I need a little extra sleep? Maybe it’s the darn humidity? Maybe I’m dying of some disease being dramatic?

OK ’nuff bitchin’…

At least I got to get excited when I ran under the Verrazano Bridge. I love that bridge. And I’m hoping to be on the upper level come marathon day.


Oh, and my friend Lisa made her mom a birthday cake and saved me a piece. It’s lemon with raspberry filling and a lemon buttercream frosting. So good!IMG_8023

And now I’m headed out to a concert with my brother! A little sibling bonding. Have a great rest of your weekend…..

What is your side-stitch remedy?

Favorite cake flavor?


Hope you are enjoying your weekend! I’m currently recovering from 3 days straight of photography work. Thursday morning I went to take head shots for a company I used to work at a bazillion almost 20 years ago. I spent 3 hours there and shot about 50 or so people and was exhausted when I left. I gave my legs quite the workout with the step stool I used to help get me at the right height for my subjects. Next time I’ll tell them to come in size order! HA!. I’m guessing that this is why my legs didn’t want to work when I went for my run later two hours later.

Adobe Lightroom

processing the head shots

I had a 5 mile tempo on the schedule. I knew from the first block I wasn’t going to be able to run at tempo pace. My legs were SO HEAVY they just didn’t want to move at all. I finally bailed and returned home only covering off on 4 miles. C’est la vie.

craptastic run and don't I look like Medusa here? =)

craptastic run and don’t I look like Medusa here? =)

Yesterday afternoon I took the doodle for a walk. With him being sick and then me returning to work since the holiday break, we haven’t had a good outing in a while. He loved it! I loved it too until we spotted 3 deer. Well they spotted us first and started running away. Duncan started to chase them but he’s too chicken so he eventually returned back to me.


beer deer chaser

labradoodle nose



Happy Dog!

frozen stream

frozen stream

Last night I was on my feet for 5 hours straight while taking pictures at an engagement party.

Nikon D300

This camera/lens is HEAVY!

the room looked beautiful

the room looked beautiful

forget us nots

This was very sweet

They were fun and polite people but very demanding as far as how many posed shots they wanted. I wasn’t prepared with a wide angle lens but they insisted on having a group shot of the entire side of the family. We’re talking 50+ people. I stood on a balcony and they all stood on a spiral staircase below and I did the best I could. I was standing on an armchair and freaking out because my balance is terrible. But they tipped me well so I’m over it =) Oh, and of course the best part about shooting events is scoring some sweets at the dessert table. That chocolate covered cream puff was so DELISH I should have taken a few more.



This morning I took photos for some real estate properties and then came home to finally RELAX! I’m just trying to do some foam rolling but I’m so exhausted and the dog doesn’t give me much motivation…

eventually i'll actually use the foam roller. Just 5 more minutes...

eventually i’ll actually use the foam roller. Just 5 more minutes…

I’ve already had some ibuprofen to ease my aching back. And last night when I got home from the engagement party I had a glass of wine to unwind.

my nightcap a.k.a. muscle relaxer

my nightcap a.k.a. muscle relaxer

Meanwhile my Garmin (I have the Forerunner 210 that I bought in 2011) just won’t seem to work. I’ve tried hard re-sets, soft resets, software re-installs. It just won’t track the activity distance and pace or save the activity.

Garmin 210 not working

Running for 43 minutes and I covered ZERO miles? Yeah…not exactly accurate.

The time will elapse though. So basically it’s just a watch now. I’ve spent a little time Googling the issue and on the Forerunner 220 it was a corrupt thingy and the solve was to power off and on. Well, no bueno on my model. I’m going to reach out to Garmin to see if there’s a way to resurrect my poor watch before giving it a proper funeral. But if it’s really done then I’m thinking about just going with the cheapest and simplest Garmin 10. Any advice, thoughts, suggestions?

I’m not big on football but I know tomorrow there’s a conference championship game on. We’re getting close to the Superbowl! Duncan’s ready! I’m ready for the snacks and commercials!

Superbowl ready!

Superbowl ready!

Well, I’m off to tend to some mundane stuff now. Laundry and dishes await. Have a great weekend!

Are you a big football fan? Favorite team? Do you do anything exciting for the Superbowl?

And if you have any Garmin advice please let me know.


Hi folks,

It was 60 and sunny here in New York City today. I took advantage of my day off by sleeping in a bit.

Then it was paying bills, laundry and other random chores before the doodle and I decided to lounge for a bit.

photo 1

My knee = his pillow. His head = my heating pad. Win-Win!

I thought about going for my run early (I even put running clothes on when I woke up) but since I realized I would have to get my Jeep from the mechanic later in the afternoon I decided to hold off and just run to the mechanic (to save me from having to ask a favor of someone to drive me). It’s actually only 3.5 miles from my home but I needed to cover 7-8ish miles per my training schedule, so I ran a couple of laps around the park that was along the route.

photo 2

my eyes must have still been filled with sweat because i didn’t center the watch in the middle and the mileage and time are cut off. LOL!

7.4 miles later and I picked up the Jeep with a new transmission pan, filter/fluid. YAY! Let’s hope this is FINALLY it for a while at least. I’ve got running gear and races that I’d rather be using my credit card for =)

Today’s run went well for the first 2 miles and then I just BONKED! I felt the dreaded heavy legs. It was warm considering the winter running I’ve been used to. I can’t remember the last time I wore a short sleeve shirt. My sweat was super salty too! Luckily the last mile and a half was downhill! I’m just grateful this was only a “dress rehearsal” run and not the main event =).

Of course now I’m curious what the weather will be on race day. I’ve got 24 more days to obsess be curious…

Running is a great way to get from A to B. I should do it more often.

Tonight I made a quick pit stop with Duncan to our friend’s house. Duncan and his pal Lu gave me the perfect pitiful face in return for some hamburger.


is that a hamburger? is there cheese on it?!

It just started raining and is supposed to rain tomorrow too but the weekend weather forecast looks great! Good thing because I’ve got a 20 mile training run at 7am sharp on Sunday and I really am not ready to run in a downpour again like I did at the Philly Love Run last weekend. Speaking of…they gave each finisher a free finisher’s photo. Not a glamorous one but you can see how happy I was to be done.

IMG_2510 (683x1024)

me and my poncho…we were good friends on Sunday

Question: Anyone run to work or use running as a mode of transportation to get somewhere in particular?