Hi! Happy Weekend,

Yesterday morning I got up super early to travel to the city to run with friends.

Verrazano Bridge

my beloved bridge

We ran two 4-mile loops in Central Park.

Central Park run

a real Spring day to run in Central Park

We had some fun post run activities planned too. First, we set foot on an Easter egg hunt…This sure wasn’t your typical egg hunt though. We participated in the Big Egg Hunt to search for Fabergé eggs. It’s a really cool interactive hunt where you download an app on your phone and then, as you find the eggs you take pics of them (well, technically you scan the QR code below them) to confirm the discovery of that egg. Each egg is designed by a unique artist. You can also share your finds on Twitter and Instagram too.

Fabergé Egg Hunt

there’s lisa snapping an egg

Fabergé Eggs

A handful of the eggs we discovered

These eggs were fairly large. Here’s a pic of me next to my new friend…

Terry Richardson Fabergé Egg

My new friend

After our egg hunt we went to Whole Foods for some breakfast and then parted ways. Always a memorable and enjoyable time when I’m with my running peeps.

I wore another new pair capris for the run, the Moving Comfort Sprint Tech capri.

Moving Comfort Sprint Tech Capri

Moving Comfort Sprint Tech Capri

Please excuse my gut! LOL! No washboard abs were used in the creation of this post. =) Seriously though these were SO comfortable. Much better than the Endurance Capris I wore the other day. These stayed put! There’s an internal draw cord but I didn’t even use it. Oh and 2 pockets! A small key pocket in the front waistband and a zipper one on the back of the waistband. While we’re speaking of waistbands, this wide one was very comfortable. The same for behind the knee. Thumb’s up!

When I got home, I showered and then pondered over where to take the dog for his walk. It was such a perfect Spring day and I wanted to get in a decent walk since technically I was supposed to run 12 miles and not 8 according to my marathon training plan. That’s when I decided on the beach. It’s just over 4 miles out and back.

4 mile walk

two great walking buddies—8 great feet

And what a nice surprise when we bumped into Duncan’s pal Chance who he saw Chance last weekend too.


Boxer chose the harder surface and Doodle chose the softer surface

After all the time on my feet and out in the sun I was tired. I was flipping through Facebook while relaxing on the sofa when I noticed my friend Doreen was looking to do something.

looking for something to do on a Saturday night

That’s one way to find something to do on a Saturday night

Doreen has 2 dogs. They are French Mastiffs (also called Dogue de Bordeauxs). We walk with the dogs frequently like this time and this time but I thought it would be nice to get a chance to be humans “unleashed” so I suggested going to a local German Bar/Restaurant.  =) And so I picked her up and off we went. I was having one of those moments where I was feeling a bit funky about my appearance so I put on extra lip gloss because that always helps =)

lip gloss

slimming and beautifying lip gloss

Killmeyer’s was crowded. Eventually we got seated. They bring you a big warm soft pretzel with mustard to start. That’s my favorite part of this restaurant. If you read #7 on this list  you’ll see that soft pretzels are my secret pre-marathon fuel. For the main course I had German meatloaf. Anything with bacon on it is going to be good right?

German fare

German fare with my secret pre-race fuel

Before dropping Doreen home she gave me this lovely homemade cake pop!

home made cake pop

home made cake pop

(actually she gave me 3 but I ate 2 before I took a pic). Now you see why we’re friends. She is a great cook AND baker!

This morning I’m starting off slowly. Eventually I’ll go for a nice short and easy run and then drop the dog off to the groomer before doing some major cleaning of my house. Saw this posted yesterday and had to share!

taper time

taper time

Question: How’s your weekend going? What’s your favorite pre-race fuel? Have you ever been to a German restaurant?