So a little pun intended with my post title. I have always loved Fall. My favorite season as I’ve mentioned oh I don’t know, 3,627,421 times. But this fall, It’s FALLing into place and I couldn’t be happier.

Duncan found his favorite spot to chill… it’s FALLing into place

Heading out for a birthday dinner and to celebrate my move… it’s FALLing into place

I’ve been taking some time to reflect over all that’s happened so far in 2018. From helping my sweetheart get his business up and running, to getting back into a running rhythm and finally feeling like those pesky toe issues are behind me, to selling my home and moving to New Jersey and living with someone again after so many years. I had some rough patches during some of these life events but I’m finally seeing how my future life looks. I’m finally feeling like I’m at home. And I’m finally starting to accept this whole turning 45 thing.

Say hello to my specs. They are for reading menus and text messages on my phone.

spent my birthday enjoying the beautiful fall foliage around the neigborhood with a little run

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Ah the mantras of running and life. I could write a whole post about it but today I’m going to focus on one—Just focus on the mile you are in.

Today, I got notification from my insurance plan that my new monthly premium for 2017 will be going up $200. Yes folks, my $650 a month health insurance premium will be going to $850. I read this at 7am while still in bed and sat there for an hour unable to get out of bed because I felt so defeated and overwhelmed at the thought of how I would find an extra $200 a month when I’m already feeling tight with my finances. I’ve been hustling and working my tail off to pay my bills. I’ve taken freelance jobs paying 1/4 of what my hourly rate is and I haven’t raised my hourly rate since 2007. But it’s catching up with me. And while I love freelancing I find it unfair that the costs of health insurance are so monumental.

Blah blah…..the point of all this is that I had this moment that finally got me out of bed….knowing coffee was waiting for me the mantra I’ve used while running marathons—Just focus on the mile you are in.

Today is #FlashbackFriday and I posted this photo of me running the NYC Marathon last year. It was a rough one.

mile 17ish and seeing my boyfriend, his 2 daughters,  his mom and her husband.

mile 17ish and seeing my boyfriend, his 2 daughters, his mom and her husband.

My second slowest marathon as a matter of fact. And what kept me going mile after mile was pulling back my “freakout” and calming myself with my mantra. I didn’t have to think about the 23.2 miles ahead of me as I felt drenched with sweat and sluggish at mile 3. I just needed to think about mile 3. Eventually I’d get to the finish line.

I had a busy day workwise today and it helped reassure me that I will be just fine. And I’ll find ways to make more money. I’ll be smarter about my food shopping. Heck, maybe I’ll become an extreme couponer?!

The boyfriend worked from home yesterday and we took a stroll through the woods with the dogs at lunch. A total mid-week treat!

Shh...I'm hunting squirrels

Shh…I’m hunting squirrels

The boys

The boys

I love this pic of Chester

I love this pic of Chester

And today, after my deadlines for the day had been met, I went for a run. img_6809I probably should have tried for a long run because…..I just signed up to run the Trenton Half Marathon next weekend! I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see my friend Jane and it’s become tradition to go to a nearby pub for refueling after. I ran it in 2013 just 6 days after the NYC Marathon and again in 2014. I missed it last year but I’m happy to get back there…..I can already taste the celebratory cider and I’m looking forward to hearing all about Jane’s recent European vacation. photo-4-21

Well now I’m off to get another freelance project complete…I’m trying to stay ahead of the curve so the weekend can be free of the laptop.

What do you think your biggest stressor/anxiety provoker is in life? Money? Health? 

Do you ever register for races on a whim or do you book them all in advance?

What mantras do you rely on for running or for life?