So last we left off I was just wrapping up with Day 1. You can read that recap here.

Now for Day 2 and when the lack of sleep caused irritability and um….for me….stupidity.

It was now past midnight and we still had a good 100 miles to go. I was really disappointed in the exchange parking situation. It seemed that most exchanges were so crowded that parking was a bit of an issue. We ended up parking outside of the exchange wherever possible and walking a block or across the street to get there. I think perhaps the field of 500 teams was a bit too high. That really was my biggest issue with the event.

At one point in the middle of the night I waited in a long line for the Honey Bucket and just when it was my turn i realized my headlamp was not working. I didn’t want to lose my spot and have to wait on the line again so I went in to a pitch dark stall and guess what? I COULDN’T SEE SHIT! Literally. #TMILineCrosser

Right after that I went to get Valerie after her 9 mile leg. It had been raining and she had lots of malfunctioning gear.

TIP 5: Make sure you have fresh batteries in your night gear before setting out on your night leg, especially if it’s a long one. And try and remember a flashlight or headlamp when using a Honey Bucket in the dark. =)

As the sun rose and we were finally in Napa the views became so breathtaking.

slurpee in napa

during my 5th leg the team handed me this delicious slurpee! #winning

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