I’m getting a little better with blogging from my phone. #aimhigh
I got up before 7am and walked my cousins oldest daughter to school. I dig her sparkly sequin backpack.


Next up was a quick run. It’s so nice and flat here in Arizona.


And I enjoy a cactus that happy to see me. Schawing!

I covered 2.25 miles plus the walk was about 1.5 miles.


By 9am I was showered and ready to get going with my three first cousins Sabrina, Serena and Stacy…yep, the 4 S’s. We are coolio! We started out at Starbucks and then hit up some outlets before having lunch and froyo.



I’m really happy we all had this day together. Everyone took off from work to see me which is so awesome sauce.

It started to rain so we went to Target.


I got some cool things:

Glow in the dark necklaces for my Ragnar teammates


This Champion running skirt on clearance for $13!

And for $7 I couldn’t pass up this football player costume for the dog. It even has shoulder pads.

Tonight we are all going to have dinner with my aunt and uncle too!
And then I pack up and head to San Francisco in the morning. Operation “Call Me A Cab”….Sally reporting for Ragnar Relay Duty! I can’t wait!!!!

So what did you do today? How often do you shop in Target? Do you ever leave with just what you went in for or do you buy extra stuff?


  1. Froyo places are expensive, yo! Do they charge by weight? I am always so conscious of what toppings I put on because it can add up to more than 3 dollars for a chunk of brownie and some sprinkles.

    And oh, there is no froyo without sprinkles. Period.

  2. Short and sweet trip! Safe be da journey and good luck this weekend!

  3. Ha, I was just at Target tonight and left with 2 new running tops that were on clearance and not what I went in for. Good luck on the relay, I can’t wait to read all about it!

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