I was off from work today and still in recovery mode so I did not run although I admit I wanted to =) Instead I got up super early and walked the dog. It was pouring rain last night so he didn’t get a chance to do all his business if you know what i mean =), which meant he was more than happy to get out and about at 6am! Then we had breakfast and chilled on the couch…

good morning

Thursdays are the best day ever.

I got some paperwork done and ran a few errands and then we went for another walk since the weather was so nice. cherryblossoms


The sky is so blue you’d never know it poured buckets yesterday.


hey ma! I love when you’re recovering from a marathon. Do you realize we went for 3 walks already today? SCORE!

Then I I finally put my Runner Girl replacement magnet on the car. (The first one was a casualty at the car wash and then my friend Valerie sent me a replacement for a birthday gift back in October but I’ve been waiting for the winter to end.) I even put my Center of the Nation Series sticker on too! (Sheesh! That was last September!).

runner car magnets

i like people to know i run =)

For lunch my friend Mike and I went to our favorite Tex-Mex joint for some early Cinco de Mayo celebrating…

Jose Tejas

Frozen Margarita and fresh, warm tortilla chips and salsa while waiting on my fajitas to arrive.

Then we hit up the mall so I could get my niece’s birthday gift and card. I knew this was the card when I started tearing up while reading it.

niececardAnd since Dicks Sporting Goods is in the mall, I decided to buy the same running shirt I just got a few weeks ago in a different color because it’s SOOOO comfy that I have been wearing the pink one when not running (like today!) Plus, it was on sale for $29!



I’m currently doing laundry (for real) and planks and burpees (in my mind).

Question: What are YOU doing this weekend?