Last night I watched the full moon (Hunter’s moon) waiting for this eclipse that I read about online.

total eclipse of the heart

total non-eclipse of the heart

Never saw the eclipse so I moved on to channel surfing with my best furrpal to relax and end a busy week.

Furrpal Friday

Furrpal Friday

The other day I noticed one of my tires was really low and upon further inspection I noticed this:

that doesn't belong

that doesn’t belong

So this morning, instead of sleeping in, I went to get the tire fixed. Only cost $21 and took about 45 minutes. Then I decided I might as well get the Jeep washed. It was pretty dirty. Aside from the exterior berries, leaves, bird poo and general grime, the inside was filled with remnants from last week’s race. I had a heat sheet, the paper plate from my slice of post-race pizza, empty water bottles and tons of leaves that crept into the car as well.

looking good for an 11 year old

looking good for an 11 year old vehicle

Only one little casualty. In my haste, I forgot to remove my beloved car magnets. I had a casualty…

Gonna miss her!

Gonna miss her!

I came home, had a li’l breakfast and then at exactly 10:55am (because now I’m obsessed with starting as many of my remaining training runs at the time I’ll be starting the NYCM) I set out for a 10 miler. I opted to wear the shirt I plan on wearing for NYCM as well.

Team Stupid Cancer

Team Stupid Cancer

I let charging my iPod slip through the cracks, so I went with no music. It was a GREAT 10 miles. I started slow and picked up the pace for the second half. I felt in total control of my breath and at times running felt effortless. (who am I and where’d Sally go?)

negative splits!

negative splits!

After my run I took the pup to his our favorite place to enjoy the fresh air and the lovely October colors…

leafcollage1 sallwoods


Today has been a great day. I hope you are all enjoying it too. Catch ya later!

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  1. It was a great day!!

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