Happy Saturday!

Aside from some residual head cold stuff I felt even better yesterday. I’m finally moving at the usual “I’m a native New Yorker” speed. I was weaving in and out of slow walkers on the sidewalk on my lunch break as I headed downtown to the NYC Half Expo to pick up my number.

photo 3There was this great big wall and they left sharpie markers for runners to write with. So many reasons people run. So many inspirational messages. I put my own little mark on the wall. (I run to sweat out the small stuff…genius!).

The expo itself was fairly small with the usual suspect exhibitors. But I was excited to see there was a booth from the company Gone for a Run. They have such great stuff. It’s where my run like a girl medal holders come from.


And I almost bought this bibfolio but with all my car repairs as of late I figure I better hold off. I just love this saying.


So yesterday was Pi day (as in the math symbol π that is 3.14). I got this pear tart at Trader Joe’s on my way back from the Expo to celebrate. (Ok tart is like a pie right? C’mon think six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

photo 4

Oh and how exciting is this? On Thursday I went to the grocery store and saw my favorite pre race fuel was on sale 2 boxes for $5! Woo hoo!!

photo 1

SuperPretzels = PRs!!!!

I stocked up! I also hit up Panera Bread Thursday after that windy morning run that turned into a walk because tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches always make me feel better.

photo 2

And then Thursday evening I took the doodle with me into Manhattan for a top secret mission. He hasn’t been in the city for a bit. Suburb doodle was a bit overwhelmed by the bright lights of the big city and he forgot what it’s like to ride in an elevator.


Today I’m laying low. I’ve got an appointment with my accountant and then I’ll take some time to prepare for tomorrow’s race. The weather will be in the 20s and I’ll have a lot of time to kill in the corrals before the NYC Half starts (and I’ll already be sweaty from my pre-race miles) so I want to strategically plan my layers and race number placement =) Always the hardest part of distance running right? That, and carrying fuel, phone and other essentials in minimal space. I can’t wait to see so many of my running peeps tomorrow!

Have a great weekend! It’s the Ides of March (Yup, middle school English teacher drilled that one in my brain for life.).

Question: Anyone running a race this weekend? Where? What will the weather be like? Favorite comfort meal?

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