I’m thankful for the invention of the heating pad which I took to work with me yesterday to help keep the Piriformis muscle loose. It’s been helping a lot!



I’m thankful that my friend Lisa wanted to catch up over a sushi dinner last night.

I’m also thankful for the fried green tea ice cream we had for dessert.

fried green tea ice cream

fried green tea ice cream

I’m thankful for the invention of the selfie….especially ones that I can share with this pup.

doodle and me

doodle and me

I’m thankful that that today is my day off!

I’m thankful that I completed¬†my last training run today!

photo 3-1

Really thankful!photo 4


So thankful that i even made a short video.

I’m thankful that I get to donate my used running sneakers on Saturday at the Expo to a cool organization called the More Foundation Group.

old sneakers

gonna miss you guys

I’m thankful that I’ll be heading out soon Trader Joes and Stop and Shop to get groceries including a nice stash of my favorite pre-race fuel

Super Pretzel

Super Pretzels! What I eat before every marathon! 

What are you thankful for today?


  1. The Silent Assassin

    Congrats on your training! You will do awesome!

  2. Lurve the video! You’re gonna do great! Just started following your blog and am toying with the idea of training for a marathon. Mmmm love me some green tea ice cream! Abrazos

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