It’s 18 degrees and the winds are sustained at 20mph with gusts up to 45. But I woke up this morning and felt 80 percent better! Fever broke, only used 20 tissues instead of 40 and ankle felt perfect! So I decided to try and run just 4 miles. (I missed a 5 mile interval run on Tuesday thanks to sickness and ankle discomfort and today was supposed to be 6). Well I bundled up like Nanook of the North…


…and set out. Felt really just fine for the first 2 1/2 miles. I was keeping a decent pace and nothing hurt. Lungs were fine ironically even with the cold air. Nose was running a little but hey that’s what sleeves are for right? Then I started to feel the slightest bit of something where my ankle had been compromised over the weekend. It wasn’t pain, but it was just a little something to make me realize it’s not 100 percent healed. I got a text message from a friend at the same moment and started walking to reply. It was a sign. Just walk it in…and so i did. I actually stopped my watch at the 5k mark and then re-set it for the last mile which I walked entirely. The ankle didn’t hurt at all walking so that’s a plus!


I’m glad I made the attempt. And I’ll do another shortie run on Saturday. And I’m pretty sure I’ll wear my ankle brace on Sunday just to be safe. 18 miles is a long way to go so if it can have a little extra support I think it makes sense. My goal for the NYC Half is to run it at marathon pace and finish in about 2:20. I’ll have done just 2 1/2 warm up miles before hand and I’ll be doing another 2 1/2 cool down miles after so this is the perfect place to benchmark where I’m at (contingent on ankle being good of course).

Off to foam roll the calves and get some new pillows at Bed Bath and Beyond (I know, riveting!)…

Question: What do you call it when it’s not an injury but it’s not nothing? I’ve heard the term “niggle” and “tweak” used before. 


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