OK, so no tigers….just heavy legs and side stitches.

I really am losing faith in my running abilities lately. Every run sucks more than the last. I’m constantly feeling like I can’t get my legs off the ground and today during my 10 miler I had another side stitch that lasted for about 4 miles. I’m trying to remember the last run that I had that I was actually feeling good and happy. My friend posted this and I can totally relate except that I haven’t felt #1 much.

11986311_1036368506395806_5252700706457054723_nSo I got my 10 miles done but there were a few complete stops that I paused the Garmin for so I was really slower than this. Sheesh!

IMG_8047I want to run my 17 miler next weekend with my running peeps but I’m afraid they’ll leave me in the dust. Perhaps I can turn this around. Maybe I need a little extra sleep? Maybe it’s the darn humidity? Maybe I’m dying of some disease being dramatic?

OK ’nuff bitchin’…

At least I got to get excited when I ran under the Verrazano Bridge. I love that bridge. And I’m hoping to be on the upper level come marathon day.


Oh, and my friend Lisa made her mom a birthday cake and saved me a piece. It’s lemon with raspberry filling and a lemon buttercream frosting. So good!IMG_8023

And now I’m headed out to a concert with my brother! A little sibling bonding. Have a great rest of your weekend…..

What is your side-stitch remedy?

Favorite cake flavor?


  1. Side stitches are the worst…I have found that if I raise my arms up over my head it usually makes the pain better, but that can be an awkward position to hold while running!

    Hang in there with the training…I had a totally craptastic training cycle until I hit my first 20 miler. For some reason that was my best run and helped me turn things around! Did 22 today and had another great run, so I feel very relieved that I salvaged things. Once the end is near and your training really kicks in I bet you will feel 100% better – keep your chin up! Cooler, dryer weather is a huge help, too!

    • I actually did the arms above the head thing. It did help a little. Wow 22? That’s great!!! Glad you found your breakthrough. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. first of all, get that cake IN MY BELY…you are lucky to have friends that save you such good looking cake 🙂 i am with you on bad run after bad run but im pretty confident its heat plus humidity combo. FALL IS COMING (not as nice of a ring as winter is coming but still). I usually dont get side stitches but I have heard that its often your breathing and to breathe every 3 steps so you arent breathing on the same side of your body every time. makes sense but dont know if it works.

    • You have to have a cake baking friend. It’s a requirement. =) Interesting about the breathing thing. I’ll try it. Heck I’ll try just about anything.

  3. Laurel @blondeandabrit.com

    Love your blog! My favorite cake was the cake my mom made for my wedding. It was an almond butter cream…best cake I ever ate 🙂

  4. I pinch/squeeze my side where the cramp is. I don’t know why, but it usually helps, though it really hurts in the moment.

    My favorite cake is either German chocolate cake or a raspberry jelly roll. Both made by my grandma. 🙂

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