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Happy Friday. I’m trying to get my butt out the door for a 22 minute run today but have this annoying cold/congestion thing going on and I’m not as energetic as I’d like to be. But of course after not being able to run for so long I know i’ll have a hard time skipping a run because of the sniffles. I just need to blow my nose a few more times and then get out the door. 🙂

Last Sunday I ran 18 minutes and felt really great. It was drizzly but there was still a little crunch to the autumn leaves that have started to fall.



It made me a little weepy to know that after 10 consecutive years, I wasn’t able to run the Staten Island Half. Last year it poured but i was prepared for the inclement weather and finished with a smile on my face.

IMG_6676I remember running it in 2011 and made it a 20 miler in preparation for my very first marathon a month later. I ran 7 miles before the race began and when I crossed the finish line I was definitely hurting….

Gasping for air? LOL! Oh back in 2011 when I carried a water bottle. I loved that thing.

Gasping for air? LOL! Oh back in 2011 when I carried a water bottle. I loved that thing.

And in 2009 and 2010 I was just so darn happy

2009 Staten Island Half

2009 Staten Island Half

2010 Staten Island Half

2010 Staten Island Half

Good memories! Meanwhile I just looked at my race recaps page. Wow, no recaps for 2017? Cray Cray. I sure hope 2018 will be filled with recaps for all my favorite races. Maybe even some new ones. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

On Tuesday I ran for 20 minutes. Still increasing the time 2 minutes per run with success.torin-30I tried out a new pair of Altra Running sneakers for this run. Having enjoyed walking in the Altra Escalante for a few months, and then transitioning to running in them with success, I wanted to try a more cushioned pair. I bought the Torin 3.0. They felt AWESOME! But I’m actually going to exchange them for a half size up. The Escalante’s are an 8 but I think these felt a bit snug so I’m going to try and 8.5. Interestingly I read online (after I bought them) they actually suggest you get a half size up in this style. I’m now obsessed with this whole foot shaped toe box thing that Altra provides with their kicks. Altra also makes trail/hiking shoes that I’ve got my eye on. Gee, you’d think I was sponsored by them. Comfy feet has become more important to me than anything lately. The Altra sneakers also are a zero drop shoe, and while I wasn’t seeking out a zero drop when I got my first pair, I really like them. I’ll probably have to run a lot more miles in them to decide whether or not I think the zero drop helps or hinders my running stride.

And so I’ll continue adding 2 minutes per run and according to the calendar I’ll hit a solid 30 minutes on October 25th, my 44th birthday!!!! I remember when a 20 miler was a milestone….and now i’m excited to  reach 30 minutes. Injuries are humbling.

He's so tired of hearing me talk about my injuries

He’s so tired of hearing me talk about my injuries

Anyone with a birthday coming up?

Any zero drop shoe runners?

Favorite Season?



  1. You’re on your way! Glad you are literally back on your feet. I’ve run for close to 20 years and up until last year had never heard about the “drop” in a shoe. I honestly don’t know what the drop is in my current pairs – switching off between Hoka and Saucony – or how it affects stride etc. Keep going and happy 30 minutes and happy early birthday!!

  2. Yahooo! Awesome about your comeback to running. This is just excellent news. Keep up the great work! Yes, injuries are completely humbling.

  3. You look so joyful in those pictures! I hope running continues to serve you well. I turn 50 on October 24th

  4. What a wonderful time of year to be making your comeback – there really is nothing better than the crunch of fall leaves under your feet!!

    I’m well into physical therapy and have had (to quote my P.T.) the crap dry-needled out of me several times, but so far, I’m not seeing any improvement and my hip injury remains a mystery. MRI is probably the next step, so I’m hoping to have some answers soon. Like you, I can’t believe I don’t have any 2017 races under my belt – yikes! Here’s to a plenty of miles and finish lines in 2018!! Enjoy those 30 minutes of birthday run time as well, and happy 44th (I’m not too far behind you, and will turn 44 in June ????)!

    • Mystery injuries! GRRRR! The specifics of my toe injury remain a mystery too. Does dry-needling hurt? I really hope your hip feels better soon.

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