Hi guys. Happy Thursday (or possibly Friday for some of you folks across the pond!).

I ran a little over 2 miles this morning…still enjoying the pain-free, no aches, no tightness in the peroneal tendons or muscles miles. I even stretched and foam rolled right afterward. I’m starting to better understand what baby steps mean when returning from an injury. =)

photo 4

Duncan is stretching his legs too!



On Tuesday night the majority of my Ragnar Napa Valley relay team met for dinner at a cool German bar in the city called Reichenbach Hall, to go over some logistics of the race and figure some things out. Lisa is our captain and had the Ragnar “bible” which is basically everything you need to know about the course and the rules of the race in one big book. We’re pretty familiar since we’ve done a bunch already. But it’s always good to review.

German bar meant pretzel and split pea soup

German bar meant pretzel and split pea soup for dinner. I also had the Wild Raspberry Jam cocktail. Winning!

2/3 of our Ragnar Napa team "Call Me A Cabernet"

2/3 of our Ragnar Napa team “Call Me A Cabernet”

We discussed the pros and cons of each runner running 6 individual legs or 3 back-to-back double legs. It looks like we all netted out on the 6 individual legs. Basically it will keep each leg more manageable. So while we each might be covering 30 or more miles over the course of the 2 day event there won’t be so many double digit legs. (the entire course length is 205 miles!) For example: my legs will each range between 3 and 6 miles totaling 29.5 for the whole race. And then there was discussion of all the logistics as we all arrive coming in on different flights and then we’ll have to rent the van etc. etc. These relays take lots of planning. But they usually create some epic memories. =)

Speaking of figuring things out. I finally figured out how my boss keeps his pants from getting grease on them or getting caught in the chain of his bike. (he bikes in to work during the warmer months).

city slicker bike commute ready

this city slicker is bike commute ready

And I also figured out where Duncan’s water bowl could fit in the Subaru.

cupI’m really getting into the Ragnar Relay headspace which is great because it’s helping me to get that post up for you all with tips and such. I’ll try and get that up before the weekend.

So does anyone have an exciting weekend lined up? Anyone have an overnight relay like Ragnar or Hood to Coast coming up?



It’s Tuesday already! I feel like I have no time these days which is ironic since my running mileage is practically nothing at the moment. :) Speaking of running, here’s how my first few days of training (Take 2!) have been going:

I ran 1 mile on Saturday and then walked a mile back home. No ankle issues.

1 mile run

Sunday, Duncan and I went on a challenging 2+ hour hike with a bunch of other dogs and their owners. It was a great way to cross-train physically and clear my head mentally. My balance was a little shaky and I found myself using my hands to brace myself when the terrain got challenging and I was super careful where I placed my bad foot to ensure I didn’t twist any part of it. It started to get a little achy toward the end but the next morning it felt absolutely perfect.

at times we had narrow rocky paths to navigate through

at times we had narrow rocky paths to navigate through

That's Chester....the daredevil dog of the pack.

That’s Chester….the daredevil dog of the pack.

I love looking up and watching the sun filter through the leaves of the trees.

I love looking up and watching the sun filter through the leaves of the trees.

Me and the doodle hopping across the the rocks. I kept my feet dry! Unfortunately the doodle misjudged on one of his final steps and one paw landed in the water. He wasn't happy.

Me and the doodle hopping across the the rocks. I kept my feet dry! Unfortunately the doodle misjudged on one of his final steps and one paw landed in the water. He wasn’t happy.

Duncan in action

Duncan in action


we hiked near this cute little babbling brook


dirty doodle post hike

This morning I got up at 6 am and I ran another mile pain-free. Then I took the doodle for a ride in the Subaru to the park and we walked around for a bit. So far so good!

photo 5

another mile….pain free!

photo 1[2]

photo 4[1]

I might actually turn tomorrow’s 2 miles into 3…livin’ on the edge! With the hike on Sunday and the early morning walk today Duncan is exhausted! Good thing because I’m meeting my running peeps after work tonight to go over some details about our upcoming Ragnar Relay. I promise I’ll get a very useful post up about relay races and best way to approach them. I’ve done 3 already and have learned quite a lot!

sleepy doodle

sleepy doodle

I’m loving Forest(er) and have already put on 300+ miles in just 3 days. I went to my folks house over the weekend and snapped this shot from their porch.

photo 2[2]

Inconvenience VS Adversity

The other day as I thought about all the inconveniences that I was experiencing (small stuff) like nails in tires, car breakdowns and such, I reminded myself that I am lucky that is really the worst of it for me these days. Compared to some true adversity happening with close friends and family and in the world in general. I mentioned back in this post about my friend whose mom was just recently diagnosed with ALS. Well if you have seen the ice bucket challenge (#IceBucketChallenge #StrikeOutALS) going around on Facebook it is to raise awareness about the illness and encourage people to donate to the ALS Association. I was challenged by my sister-in-law and accepted! Here’s my little video… (I did donate but ice bucket part is what makes this campaign so viral and attention grabbing so I agreed to do both. apologies ahead of time about the video….it was unrehearsed and i didnt’ have time to make it too polished).

If you feel compelled to participate please share a link to your video in the comments. I’d love to see others continue on this campaign and the awareness that it’s bringing to a dreadful disease. And please donate if you can. ALSA.org

So how’s your week going? Is there a specific charity that you are passionate about?

It’s been 13 days since the Jersey Girl Triathalon and I actually started this post 2 days ago. Life’s been a bit chaotic. The only form of exercise I’ve done in these last 13 days is just walking, some walks brisker than others but nothing too significant in distance, just a mile or two here and there. This has been a purposeful choice to finally give my tendonitis a chance to go away for good. And i’m feeling major improvements! But I’m getting antsy. My next event is September 6th. It’s a 4 miler and will be the perfect way to really ease back into a training program the way I should have last time around. #stubbornrunner. I’ve got 3 weeks to go from 0 to 4….that’s better than 0 to 13.1 or 0 to 26.2 right?!

I’m looking forward to a plan and some structure. It’s been really too easy for me to be lazy. I miss running but I’m so scared to go through another rollercoaster ride of injury. Normal or irrational fear?

Thursday I went to physical therapy and we worked on balance for a while using a computerized balance machine. I’ve got a lot more work to do. I actually had a good laugh as I leaned in every direction to click on various dots and all I could think about was that game Whack-A-Mole. =) I found this video that demonstrates the balance machine so you can visualize.

Then I popped into Panera Bread to grab an early lunch before driving down to the dealership to pick up my new car. They must know that I’m a big fan of Panera because they used my name on some signage in the store. It made me smile.

sally panera

The top is signage from the store. the bottom is my actual receipt and sandwich =)

I won’t go into details about the drama that was trading in the Jeep and buying the Forester. Let’s just leave it at this. The Jeep died 10 miles from the dealership and had to be towed there.

now she's got junk in her trunk

RIP Lady Liberty…now she’s really got junk in her trunk or shall I say her trunk is junk as is the rest of her.

They still gave me $1,000 for trading in a non-running vehicle. Fine by me. After 7 hours I was home and taking my first selfie with my new guy Forest(er).

Subaru Forester 2015

I like Forest


I love this angle. We both have cute butts!

I love this angle. We both have cute butts!

Subaru Forester

I put my running magnets on at the dealership! LOL! Wasn’t driving home without them.

And because I seem to be jinxed where cars are concerned—yesterday—not 24 hours later, I found a nail in my tire.

nail in tire

Forest being initiated into NYC

So i’ll be headed to the tire shop in a bit for them to fix it. Luckily that’ll only be a $20 repair.

OK back to my training plan. After the 4 miler on 9/6 I’ll be running as part of an ultra team for the Ragnar Relay (San Francisco to Napa Valley) 9/19-9/20. The total mileage I’ll be running for the 2 days will be somewhere between 25 and 30 miles. But each leg will be 10 miles or less. So I want to keep my distances short but plan on incorporating some twice a day runs to get ready for ragnar.

So here’s the plan:
• FOAM ROLL and STRETCH every day!
• Hip strengthening, core strengthening and proprioception exercise per PT 3X a week

August: The plan is just to have short easy runs and finish pain free

training schedule

August Schedule

September: I’ll start preparing for Ragnar with slightly longer distances and closer together including some “two a days” to simulate my legs of the race

training schedule

September Schedule

If I feel good when I get to 5 miles straight I might increase the distances of my last few runs before Ragnar, but I’m not going to jeopardize my foot and will be extra conservative this time around.

OH! And here’s our team logo designed by yours truly.

Created by Sally Stilwell

Created by Sally Stilwell

Well, I’m off to run 1 mile! I think I’ll skip the Garmin and just take a big smile with me instead =)

I hope you’ve had a good last couple of days.

What’s your weekend plan?

Anyone else get nails in their tires? When it’s brand new?

Anyone have their car towed for a trade-in?

Do you think I’m just unlucky lately with cars or do you think the universe is trying to tell me something?



I began this blog to share with everyone my love for running. It’s become my therapy and helps me to Sweat OUT the Small Stuff so I can live life in the best possible way I can. I know that endorphins are my anti-depressant and I’m truly grateful that is all I need.

Clinical depression and mental illness in general can be taboo subjects to talk about. And sometimes laughter is the best medicine. But sometimes laughter/comedy can be a disguise too. Or even a coping mechanism. The morning that my husband died we went to the funeral home to go over the “package” we’d pick and the costs associated. There were prayer cards to choose, rental caskets to select and other things that I can’t exactly remember. But I do remember seeing the final cost and I looked at the funeral director and blurted out “Wow! That’s expensive, have you ever been stiffed before?” Before you knew it we were all chuckling at my choice of words. Stiffed? I wasn’t even trying to be funny. But it was exactly what we needed to cope through that experience.

And so with Robin Williams’ passing I found this clip making its way across the Internet and thought I’d share. It’s about marathon runners and it’s HYSTERICALLY FUNNY!

Rest in peace RW…