Hi! Great news to share.

First, the shoulder: Not bad…I have “regions of interstitial and articular surface partial thickness tears involving the mid to distal supraspinatus and rotator cuff tendonitis. I also have arthritis and a type 2 accordion. Sounds intense but actually it’s pretty good. Physical therapy should be all I need. YAY! findings

And for the knee: Dr. Williams (my new favorite person) said I should keep running as far as I can handle and that taking a month off actually made my knee worse. I have Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome otherwise known as Runner’s Knee. Basically there is scar tissue around the knee and a tight quad muscle that are causing knee tracking issues. By taking a whole month off of all activity I essentially ended up with tighter, stiffer muscles and more scar tissue. Doc is using the Active Release Technique (ART) on me for about 4 treatments. OUCH! Hurts so good I suppose =)He did the first one today. He said I should continue to foam roll and stretch but to do it before I run and not after. Interesting because I was always under the assumption that after was better.

foam roll diagram of knee

Foam roll between the Vastus Medialis and Rectus Femoris and between the Rectus Femoris and Vastus Lateralis

happy to run

A little ART and I’ll be as good as new

The last words Dr. Williams said to me were “keep running as much as you can tolerate and we’ll work at getting your mileage up. You should be good in about 3 or 4 treatments.” So I’ll head back for more ART on Friday. And I’m going to start back to short runs this week! Oh happy day!!!!!

Have you ever had Active Release?

Have you ever been to a chiropractor?

What exciting news can you share with me today? 


Hi there.

Happy March! 3 weeks until Spring! So much to tell you guys…

First, I get my MRI results on my shoulder tomorrow. Then on Tuesday morning I have my appointment made to see the sports injury chiro about the knee. Now let’s backtrack…

Last Wednesday, I hit the gym during my lunch break and tested out the stationary bike to see if my knee would be bothered by it or not. I’m happy to report that it went well.

bike ride at gym


boring stationary bike ride

boring stationary bike ride

Covert locker room gym selfie so people don't think I'm weird

Covert locker room gym selfie so people don’t think I’m weird

Honestly though, for me, biking and not going anywhere is very boring. More boring than running on a treadmill. So I needed to occupy my mind. Before you knew it I had my iPhone in hand and was Googling a bunch of stuff that I wanted to know.

I wanted to see what the finish time limits are for the 2 half marathons I have this month. The NYC Half on March 15th is a 3 hour limit (or a 13:45 pace) and the Love Run on March 29th is a 3 1/2 hour limit (or a 15 minute pace). So basically I can walk/run both of these with an emphasis on the walk and probably complete them without my knee going crazy. Of course I’ll wait for professional advisement when I see doc on Tuesday before I say this will definitely be my plan. But honestly the knee isn’t phased at all by walking.

Thursday I made a delicious dinner.

Chicken and Steak Shish Kabob

Chicken and Steak Shish Kabob

I hardly ever cook so this is very blog-post-worthy. I also made some amazing discoveries. Party cake Peeps…

party cake peeps

party cake peeps….for keeps!

And, the best discovery of my life…

Nutella and Girl Scout Shortbread cookie combo

Nutella and Girl Scout Shortbread cookie combo

Nutella sandwiched between two Girl Scout Shortbread cookies. Oh my it was so good.

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Hi there.

Hope your week has been going fine and dandy well.

Last night I had my shoulder MRI. It was pretty painless. Took about 25 minutes and the technician had alternative rock playing so I was happy. They made me take my bra off because of the metal clasp, but I was able to keep the rest of my clothing on so I didn’t need to wear a silly paper gown. I tossed the bra in my purse. After the test was over I was in such a rush to get home I forgot to put it back on. When I got home I laughed that it was still in my purse.

have bra will travel

have bra will travel

I’ll get the results next week but as I’ve mentioned I’m finally feeling improvement and feel confident that at this point some PT will be all I need to get my full range of motion back in my shoulder. I cannot wait for the day I can pull a shirt over my head without having to gingerly slide my right arm into the sleeve first.

Oh, and I finally made some progress in the attempt for a referral to a sports injury doc. The receptionist at the doc’s office took down all the info for my request and was going to share with my primary care doc. If he approves then they’ll just call me when the referral is ready. Cross your fingers! The doc I’m hoping to see is actually a sports chiropractor. His bio says Dr. Williams has dedicated his life to treating sports injuries and teaching proper biomechanics to athletes, as well as any individual interested in leading an active life.” Sounds like the right guy for me! 

So last I left you I had just filled you in on my meltdown and the Cold Feat 10k. After my running peeps went home, I had to make a quick stop up the road at my folks’ house. It had started to snow and everything was blanketed in white.

childhood home

The house I grew up in…

Then on Sunday morning I took some cool shots of ice formations around my neighborhood.

I love when the water droplets freeze like this

I love when the water droplets freeze like this

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So, I had a little meltdown in my car yesterday afternoon when I tried to run a couple of miles for the first time in a month and the knee didn’t approve nor did it improve. How could 4 weeks of rest go by without ANY improvement? (apparently I’m really stubborn and not listening to my “Time and Rest heal everything” advice) Other than my day of skiing 3 weeks ago I haven’t done any cardio. Tears were shed…


is it weird that in the midst of crying I needed to document it with a photo?

Don’t feel bad for me. It’s totally not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. It’s my own personal struggle and I’m going to have to dig deep to keep myself sane.

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