Hi guys,

First I just wanted to mention that I set up a link in the bar up top (below my header image) to my race recaps so you can get to them easily.

 Today I did my volunteer shift at the New York Road Runner’s headquarters.



I gave out race bibs to runners who are running the Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5 miler this weekend. All the volunteers have one purpose which is to complete their 9+1 and secure entry into next year’s NYC Marathon. The 9+1 is a way for New York Road Runner members like myself to gain access into the marathon without qualifying by time or getting in through the lottery or charity. Basically you have to run 9 of their scored races in a given year and volunteer 1 time that same year and that will give you guaranteed entry into the marathon for the following year.

With the marathon only 10 days away I got really nostalgic today thinking back to my first ever 26.2—the 2011 NYC marathon on 11-06-11— which I used the 9+1 in 2010 to secure my spot.

photo 5


at the start village with Lisa


I won’t ever forget the 16 weeks of training culminating in tears of joy when I crossed the finish line late that afternoon. I was slower than I had hoped to be (5:28) but I had accomplished something I never really thought I was capable of. I always said to my full marathon friends “I’ll just stick with half marathons.”  But then something clicked and as my friends encouraged me I found that I was starting to get excited by the idea.

I remember my first long run over 13.1 miles. A distance PR! I ran 14 miles while struggling with remnants of an ankle sprain. (Tip: don’t run a mud run while training for your first marathon!)

And then I reached 16 and then 18 and finally, my 20 miler. All that was left was for me to keep it together and complete 26.2 miles through the boroughs of MY city!

My brother and niece and nephew came to see me on the course at mile 3, mile 8 and then at mile 23!

mile 3! OMG I can't believe you found me!

mile 3! OMG I can’t believe you found me!

This is a mile before i fell apart and this is only mile 8

This is a mile 8 only one mile before i started to fall apart.


I started off conservatively just as I had practiced in my mind for months. And things were going well until somewhere between mile 9 and 10. First it was stomach cramps, then my back started to spasm. Perhaps it was nerves. I’ll never know. But boy did it mess me up mentally! I was walking by the halfway point over the Pulaski Bridge.

walking at the 1/2 way pt

I’m behind the dude in the red timex shirt walking at the 1/2 way point

I basically spent the second half of the race running a bit, then walking a bit and eventually just shuffling. This video that my nephew recorded of me at mile 23 is priceless! You can see how much I was hurting.

I surely wasn’t going “fast like a bullet train” as my nephew asked me to do. LOL.

But i did it! I crossed the finish line that day and became a marathoner.

officially a marathoner

officially a marathoner

I won’t ever get to run my first full marathon again. And that is why I will always remember that day and what an impact it’s left on me. I got to run NYC again last year and shaved 31 minutes of my time. I’m really excited to cheer on my friends next weekend and know that I’ll be back again next year for my 3rd NYC Marathon and (if all goes well) my 7th full marathon and hopefully I can finish a few minutes faster. But regardless, there’s something so special about NYC. I guess it’s plain and simple. I’m a “native new yawker”.

Do you remember your first marathon (or big race?) What race and when? Did you cry when you crossed the finish line?


Well whaddya know it’s Wednesday already. I really, really wanted to get in some type of workout yesterday but I’ll be honest. It didn’t happen. My knee had been feeling really good, even after my 2 bike rides but on Monday I wore some wedge heel boots and while walking briskly on my lunch break I felt that sharp pain again and now it’s been sore. GRRR! So back to wearing sneakers daily again. #lifeofarunner

A while back I mentioned the bottom of my foot hurting after a strenuous hike. Well, I’m starting to think it’s a bit of mild tendonitis because it keeps coming and going. Yesterday I actually pulled out this cool foot massager with heat that I got for my 40th birthday a year ago and used it before work. It actually helped. I’m not really worried just mildly frustrated. GRRx2

photo 1

Then, seemingly out of nowhere I seem to have hurt my arm, up by the bicep and shoulder area. I really have NO idea how I hurt it but my range of motion is limited and it hurts like a mofo if I extend the arm in certain directions. GRRx3!

The only thing I can think of is that I strained the arm while riding my bike (I tend to be really tense and grip the handle bars kinda tight. And then maybe I lifted something with the already compromised arm making it worse. There’s also the theory I just slept on it wrong. Yup. I’m famous for that -ish.

I popped a couple of advil this morning and I’ll see how I feel tomorrow morning…

3 days until my 41st birthday and I’m falling apart here.

How are you feeling? Anyone injured or sick? I hope not but we all know misery loves company =) 


How is it Monday again?!

I’m just having a quick cup of coffee and the i’ve gotta hightail it to get ready for work!

Yesterday I set out for another bike ride. (Duncan just posed for the photo below when I got back because he’s a ham sandwich).

photo 2-1

It was sunny and cool and super windy. I felt like I was skiing because the cold air blowing on my cheeks was leaving them tingly. I took practically the same route as Thursday’s ride but the wind kept changing directions and it seemed like every single downhill left me pedaling just as much as the uphill! Like riding into a wall….Wow! What a workout. That’s the thing about bike riding. It’s not necessarily the mileage that makes the workout intense. It’s the hills. And I kinda am ignoring that calorie burn readout of 254. Runkeeper had no idea how hard I was pedaling. =)

When I moved into my home 14 years ago I had a little house warming party and someone got me these cute scarecrows which I proudly display on the bench by my front door each year. I added a pumpkin I got when apple picking a few weeks ago and boom…a little Autumn decorayyyysshhh.

photo 1-1


I finally washed my hair yesterday since getting it cut and blown out straight on Thursday. It was lovely to be reunited with my signature curls. I missed them.

photo 3-1

I have a feeling that my workouts are going to take a back seat this week. I’m REALLY busy and have lots of birthday plans coming up. Might just be a handful of walks and maybe I can get to the gym during lunch tomorrow. Most of my friends are in their taper phase for the NYC Marathon anyway so at least I won’t be reading about their 20 mile runs to make me feel bad. Speaking of NYC Marathon, I’ve got to make my plan for being the best spectator ever!

Have a great week everyone!

What did you do this weekend?

Hi folks,

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! Since I’ve been trying to keep my running to a minimum for the next 10 days to let my little aches and pains resolve, I decided to go for a bike ride.



I must admit I’ve been using the hashtag #winning too much lately. So today, I got a little more creative #schwinning! You’re welcome =)

I biked for about an hour covering almost 8 miles of rolling hills and I have to say I REALLY enjoyed it.

Later in the day the Doodle and I met up for our walk with the Dogues…

photo 5

Athena and Zeus. Zeus is the one with the enormous tongue hanging out!

When it’s 67 degrees and sunny with gorgeous blue skies and rainbow color leaves everywhere I want to spend every waking moment outside and Duncan is totally ok with that =)

photo 3

warm and fuzzy

photo 1

the hills are alive…

photo 2

and I'm starting a new selfie trend #upsidedown

and I’m starting a new selfie trend #upsidedown

Today is probably going to be a repeat of yesterday only swap the bike ride for house cleaning (boo!). But I’m going to try for another ride tomorrow morning.

Have a fantabulous Saturday!

What are you doing today? Have you ever laid flat on the ground in the middle of the park to get an upside down aerial selfie? If you haven’t then follow my trend! It’s superfun!