I’m so sorry to have disappeared from blogging for the last 10 days. I was under the gun to get work done before going away on vacation and then was away with limited wifi for 5 days. If you ever want to see what I’m up to I’m ALWAYS posting on Instagram. For some reason that’s just the easiest social media channel for me. Pictures come easier than words for me. :)

I just got home from Block Island (an island off the coast of Rhode Island here on the East Coast) and have to unpack and dive back into some major work projects so this will just be a short post.

I took my bike on vacation and enjoyed cruisin' around the island with iced coffee in tow. Didn't keep track of mileage or speed. Just inhaled and exhaled :)

I took my bike on vacation and enjoyed cruisin’ around the island with iced coffee in tow. Didn’t keep track of mileage or speed. Just inhaled and exhaled :)

I haven’t even shared the news that I started physical therapy for my toe! After having the set back a month ago I kept thinking i’d bounce back quicker this time around but it became apparent that my body really needed a push. Due to insurance/referral/authorization stuff I’ve only had one appointment so far but hopefully I’ll start going twice a week starting next week. The PT said the pain is coming from my bone and not my ligament. He feels confident we can mitigate the pain and also work on exercises to get my balance back and my normal gait back so my compensation aches will go away. I trust him because he helped me with my ankle tendonitis twice!

Block Island was stunning! I was there 2 summers ago for Mr. SOTSS’ dad’s wedding and this time around was to celebrate his dad’s 70th birthday. Living in the Northeast I’m lucky to be able to spend time at so many beach towns but this island is special. It’s so beautiful. It didn’t hurt that the house we were staying in had access to this large pond and we were able to go kayaking right from the dock in the backyard. IMG_1169It also gave me the perfect vantage point for sunrise. IMG_1166And there were hydrangeas at every turn…IMG_1017

I’ll be back soon to tell you more about physical therapy and Block Island.

In the meantime can you fill me in on what’s been going on with you?

What’s your favorite flower?

Something about yoga and paying attention to song lyrics. I guess this is my new thing. Yesterday it was a Coldplay song….the lyrics that shouted at me were “Nobody Said it Was Easy”.

Speaking of Yoga, I saw this gorgeous rainbow after a class earlier in the week

Speaking of yoga, I saw this gorgeous rainbow after a class earlier in the week

It felt like some sort of validation or affirmation for me. Like I was being told it’s ok to struggle…nobody said it was easy….then I thought about all the things that “it” represents for me:


Physical Healing

Emotional Healing


I struggle daily to feel whole without running. I constantly want to put a disclaimer to every day that states “well today was hard because I can’t run”. When actually I should just accept today was hard because it was hard.

I’m working hard at building my freelance business. I’ve recently been certified as a New York City M/WBE (Minority/women owned business) and attended a networking/procurement event this past Wednesday in the city where I had the opportunity to talk to 70 NYC agencies who could potentially contract me to do work for them.

First let me say that it felt lovely to be reunited with my favorite commuting option....the Staten Island Ferry.

First let me say that it felt lovely to be reunited with my favorite commuting option….the Staten Island Ferry.

This required me to dig deep to give my “elevator pitch” to these agencies. I came home drained and while I wanted to feel optimistic about the potential opportunities, I felt overwhelmed from it all.

I feel so official with my badge

I felt so official with my badge


Got some swag for attending which was nice. I have already used the ear buds.

Got some swag for attending which was nice. I have already used the ear buds.

I totally managed to recharge over the weekend though and that’s left me ready to tackle today.

Friday I drove out to visit a friend who I haven’t seen in a while. Her daughter is almost 6 and as adorable as ever. She heard me talking about my worry about finances and hoping I can get my business to make more money by finding some additional clients and gave me $5,000 in Post-It note currency…5grandWe played with Legos and even baked a cake in her LaLa Loopsy oven (like the Easy Bake oven).

Apron fashion and micro fashion :)

Apron fashion and micro fashion :)

Let’s just say the cake wasn’t such a success but we laughed and enjoyed the silliness of half uncooked-stuck to the pan cake crumbles sprinkled on top of some very weird tasting “frosting”. Sometimes it’s about the process and not the end result right? :) More »

Hi there.

I don’t have much to share as of late and I’m really sorry.

Duncan's latest favorite spot under my desk by the air conditioning vent

Duncan’s latest favorite spot under my desk by the air conditioning vent

I went to yoga 3 times this past week and took no pictures #blogfail. I had a bit of a cold all week and my balance was off so I found it really challenging to get through a lot of the poses. I took a few slow walks around my neighborhood during the week as well and also got through my Wednesday night hike but the toe is still being a punk. I can walk fine for about 1/2 mile and then I start limping or just changing my gait enough to not roll off the toe. Geez..I feel like all I do is share updates about not being able to roll off the toe. #brokenrecord

The exciting news is that I finally got a haircut!

Fresh outta the salon

Fresh outta the salon

It had been 7 months since my last haircut so I was WAAAYYYY overdue. And Denise, my haircutting goddess also did a fabulous blowout job and I managed to get a couple of days out of it.

still looking good later the same day...

still looking good later the same day…

The morning after

The morning after…no makeup hope it doesn’t scare you

As a naturally curly haired girl I don’t often get the chance to run my fingers through my hair so I enjoyed that for sure.

And then by Friday I was back to curly girlIMG_0666-1

Oh and Chester came to hang with me for a day last week when Mr. SOTSS had to go into the office.IMG_0642And I may or may not have taken between 20 and 30 selfies with Duncan

Sally and Duncan selfie #1,6424,259

Sally and Duncan selfie #1,6424,259 and you can tell he’s thrilled

So since my life has been fairly uneventful why don’t you tell me what’s going on with you? Anything exciting?

On this day Sweat Out The Small Stuff turns four

I can’t remember the last time I posted twice in one day but after I shared this morning’s post about my toe setback and yoga and mental health progress I realized that it was 4 years ago today that I shared my very first post here on Sweat Out the Small Stuff so it’s my 4 year blogaversary!

4-year blogaversary!

Also, Facebook’s “On this day” feature let me know that a friend shared this article about returning to running after soft tissue injury that was shared with me via Facebook on this day back in 2014 when I had my ankle injury. Basically it says start with a 10 minute run. Then if all feels good add 2 minutes to the next run and so on and so forth. But if there is pain, reduce by 2 minutes. So even though I started out running about 12 minutes my first run back, I increased mileage (and overall time) much quicker.


When did you start reading my blog? Have you been around a short while? Since the beginning or did you just discover it today?

What other blogs do you read?