OK, so I didn’t really forget i had a blog but I forget to make the time to write posts. But just the other day I received an email from someone at KT Tape letting me know that Sweat Out the Small Stuff made their 2019 list of helpful blogs for runners!

So that was kinda cool.

Now let’s get you filled in on how I’ve been Sweating Out the Small Stuff the last 6 weeks.

After enjoying renting a kayak at the lake across from where we live Mr. SOTSS and I decided buy our very own kayak and I’m so in love!

As close to serene as I can conjour up

Just me and the lake to myself most weekdays.

I see lots of turtles but they jump in the water as soon as I get close enough to photograph them. So enjoy this pink lily pad flower

I have been going at least twice a week and while my arms definitely get a workout, I love stopping for a few minutes here and there and just sitting and thinking.

I registered for the Staten Island Half Marathon and just got underway with my training.

Staten Island Half

It’s going to be the most basic plan ever and I’m totally ok with that. Who knew I’d ever be able to run as far as a half again after my 2 year injury roller coaster? But here in 2019, I’ve already got one under my belt and now, hopefully I’ll get to complete 2. Truly grateful.

Today I ran 5 miles which is the longest I’ve run since the 2019 Love Run back in March.

I can tell you that a dew point of 73 is really uncomfortable. My mantra today was inspired by those yellow flowers… “Suck it up buttercup”.

I’m still commuting into Manhattan twice a week for a consulting job and have been enjoying taking the Staten Island Ferry.

Birds ride free too

Lady Liberty

Staten Island Ferry

two ships passing in the night rush hour

It’s so ironic that I moved out of Staten Island last year only to be traveling back now because it just happens to be the most consistent and cheapest way to commute from where I am in New Jersey.

Mr. SOTSS and I went to the Balloon Festival again this year and while the weather was cooperating, we don’t think as many balloons took flight.

balloon festival

I guess with tradition comes the risk of some years being a bit more “less than”. We go apple picking every year and some years there are too many Rome apples and not enough Honeycrisp. LOL!

Duncan and Chester are still living their best life. I truly envy their responsibility-free life. I literally watch them on the doggie cam when I’m in the city and they are almost always just sleeping.

couch nap in between floor nap and crate nap

Deck nap

Chester “at ease” while the humans are at work (and Duncan sitting on the top of the back couch half napping)

more napping

Last night was AWESOME! I dragged the whole family to see one of my favorite bands, Train. And the Goo Goo Dolls opened up for them which was pretty cool too.

Giddy to see Train

We had lawn seats that were the equivalent of “nose bleed” seats….far far away from the stage.

Snapchatting their way through the concert…. #teenagers

It’s been so hot and humid here and I can’t wait for the Fall to arrive. It’s always the last few weeks of every season that I’m ready to move on to the next. Well, except Fall. I wish it was Fall for 8 months of the year. A little hot and a little cold on either end. Yep. That would be just perfect.

So while I’m pining for Fall weather to arrive, tell me what your Fall season plans are? Anyone running anything exciting? Vacations? Birthdays?

Today at lunch I went to a local sporting goods store for some new running socks. You see, most of my running socks are white, but I don’t have much else that is white and I end up running out of socks too frequently while waiting for a big enough load of whites to put in the wash. #runnerproblems #livingsingleproblems

So I made sure to buy some darker colored socks. GENIUS!

photo 3

A few stragglers of white, but mostly blue, gray and black. I love ASICS socks, I’ve worn the Intensity before but this will be my first try with the Quick Lyte’s. After I grabbed a few packages of socks, I walked around a bit and spotted a nice little iPhone holder that straps to the handle bars of a bike and a water bottle holder for the bike too. And then I remembered I used my last 2 pieces of KT tape this past Saturday so I got another roll. That ish is expensive! But it does help! As the cashier rang me up she said if I spent $6 more I’d earn a $20 gift card so I grabbed another package of socks! And now I need to decide what to use the gift card for.

Great news! I got my referral for physical therapy….my first appointment is Thursday! YAY!

Duncan has some great news too! He just won the latest game of tug…

photo 5

Also, I just added these two inspirational pics/words onto my Dig Deep page.

photo 2

Go the distance. Take it slow. Enjoy the journey.

photo 1

Walk through the fog to find your light

I’m going to try and be more dilligent about creating them more frequently. I don’t have a Pinterest board yet but eventually I’ll set them up there.

So I have a few questions:

1. What are your favorite running socks and why? Are they white?

2. What sporting good item should I get with my $20 gift card? Should I buy a $20 item like a hat or something more expensive and pay the difference.

3. Do you take a lunch break at work? Do you eat at your desk? Run errands?