As a runner, I find very few truly enjoyable ways to cross-train. Sometimes it’s the elliptical but mostly I just walk when I’m not running. I hate the gym, I’m not a bike person, don’t like to swim or do yoga. But yesterday, I found the best cross training workout..APPLE PICKING!!!

full body workout: apple picking

full body workout: apple picking

My niece and I spent about an hour and a half from beginning to end. We started with the walk from the parking lot all the way to the orchards. I’m guessing it was a good 1/2 mile warmup. We got our buckets and headed through the orchards to find the Granny Smith trees. Probably another 1/2 mile.

Then came the fun part. We climbed up and down through a dozen or so trees. I felt my core engage as I lifted myself up onto the branches and my arms were working hard to keep me steady.

1383653_10202235067139799_485535521_n 1395431_10202235505910768_82524696_n

We made a quick pit stop to the pumpkin patch for a few pumpkins and after settling our bill we walked back to the car with a combined total of almost 35 pounds of apples and pumpkins!!!! I carried both buckets for some of the time and then my niece and I split the task for the remaining time.

photo 2

I suppose I’m on to something. A new cross-fit trend? There was a bonus WOD (workout of the day) too…

We went to Six Flags Great Adventure to ride some roller coasters AND get spooked during Fright Fest. Walking the length of the park, screaming and laughing….OH YEA! Another great workout indeed!

1391915_10202234979457607_1987351671_n photo 3

Next to the runner’s high, I have to say, riding roller coasters are the next best high to have. It was a great day! And I got us season passes for 2014. I’m ditching my gym membership!

And now it’s Monday and nothing seems to be working, not my brain, not my computer, not my phone….



Question: Do you enjoy rollercoasters? What’s your favorite? I really loved El Toro

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