I started my morning as usual. I knew we were supposed to be getting snow but at 7:30am there wasn’t any. Amazingly, after getting out of the shower just 15 minutes later I looked outside and there was a blanket of white!

photo 2

But the estimated total accumulation was only 3-6 inches so I packed up my lunch, got in the car and drove to my bus stop. I was surprised at how heavy the snow was falling and how slippery the snow covered roads were (even with my anti lock brakes and 4-wheel drive I felt like I had very little control) so I drove really slow. It didn’t dawn on me that my bus would have any issue.

A few minutes later it arrived and I got on. We didn’t even make it a mile down the road when we approached a downhill spot that about 5 cars had slid down. My bus driver tried to go in reverse only to be spinning wheels (literally!)…eventually somehow we were able to go in the reverse direction back to another main road hoping for an easier way to the highway. That seemed promising until we got there and saw that cars were skidding down that road too! At this point over an hour had elapsed and I was STILL just a mile from my home. I finally decided to get off the bus and walk home. Bus fare=$6….getting home safely and happily surprising the dog=priceless!

Luckily I have access to my work server and email so I was able to work from home. And boy did I work! I think I logged more hours than if I was in the office. And most of those hours I was sitting with my legs tucked behind me on the couch with my laptop on the armrest of the couch which has caused some major tightness in my ankles, hips and shoulders. I need to brush up on my ergonomics. But I did stop for a nice “lunch break”


snow face


look at those ears!

photo 3

blanket of white


Speaking of lunch break, I had packed my lunch to take to work so that made it pretty easy when deciding what I should eat. I just pulled out my lunch tote and voila…lunch is served!

Chili, salad, avocado, baked chips and an apple

Chili, salad, avocado, baked chips and an apple

Of course now it’s after 7pm and today is supposed to be a workout day. I’ve got a few hours left to figure something out. Oh how I wish my trampoline had arrived already. I’m thinking it’s going to just have to be some jumping jacks and resistance bands and stretching. Or an unplanned rest day =)

So last night I came home from work and took a few swigs of that Prosecco I started the night before and the next thing you know I had a wild craving for corn fritters. (I made them once before a few months ago too). Lately I’ve been doing a lot of “caving to the craving” so I went ahead and made a batch (loosely) following this recipe from the Pioneer Woman.

dinner is served!

dinner is served!

They were divine! I ate most of them and then somewhere between falling asleep on the couch and re-locating myself to bed I ate the rest of them. Well, I better go break a sweat doing something now.

Did you have snow where you live today? Do you like snow? Have you ever been unable to get to work because of weather related issues? Do you like corn fritters?