I really do have so much I want to share and while I will do a more in-depth recap of the San Francisco Marathon/Half Marathon itself I thought I’d share these top 10 memorable moments (and they are in no specific order).

1. Staying with Valerie and her family on their houseboat in Sausalito.

First of all Valerie and her hubby, son and cats couldn’t have been more fun and gracious to stay with. Hotels are overrated (and overpriced). Valerie spent much of the weekend being the “ferry princess” shuttling us to and from the dock to catch our boat. She baked up a batch of yummy chocolate chip-banana-almond muffins and gluten free chocolate chip cookies that were OUT OF THIS WORLD! I looked forward to a cookie and the Nespresso machine each morning. The deck of the houseboat was so peaceful and relaxing to sit out on. I enjoyed the perks of the guest quarters including her foam roller #runners. The “front yards” along the block dock were so colorful with blooms of all kinds and there was an amazing deli that I returned to for the same sandwich 2 days in a row.

Some of the neighbor's colorful "front yards"

Some of the neighbor’s colorful “front yards”

Gus the cool cat

Gus the cool cat



high tide made the entrance another HILL!

high tide made the entrance to the house another HILL!


deck view

The Surfin Bird....my new favorite sandwich

The Surfin Bird….my new favorite sandwich

Valerie reading my blog

Valerie reading my blog one morning at breakfast


2. Meeting Shane, The Silent Assasin!

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Hi folks.
I successfully went to the expo and officially dropped back to the half. I am sooo happy with this choice..there was a $10 fee but I can just sweat out the small stuff instead of sweating bullets.


It was ridiculously warm today. I walked around the marina and then through fishermans wharf just soaking in the sights and maybe a little sweets…







Late in the afternoon I went by my friend Margaret’s apartment. She used to live I’m NYC and we used to work together. She’s now a San Franciscan with an apartment right in the city about two blocks from the start of the marathon. Her balcony has a lovely view of the bay bridge…

We had some wine and caught up on life and eventually went to the ferry building for dinner before I hopped on the ferry back to Sausalito.






Have I mentioned how amazing it is to be staying at Valerie’s houseboat?

And this little guy is quite the ham sandwich

If you ever sit in the back seat of a jeep crossing the Golden Gate it will look like this

A lovely day…and now to catch some zzzs….shakeout run tomorrow and another stop at the expo.