Hi there.

Another week has begun. Yesterday was the busiest Monday I’ve had in a while with two freelance deadlines. I also wasn’t feeling so hot. Not really sure what the deal was….just felt weak and fatigued with a queasy stomach too.

keeping me company while i rest up

keeping me company while i rest up

I didn’t get as much work done over the weekend as I had anticipated either. Mr. SOTSS and I (and the pooches) drove out to Long Island to spend some time with his family. I thought I’d work in the car but someone jumped in my lap and I didn’t have the heart to move him so no room for a laptop.

no room for the laptop on my lap because of my "LAP-radoodle"

no room for the laptop on my lap because of my “LAP-radoodle”

While I was out in Long Island I got my last long run in before next Sunday’s NJ Half Marathon. I ran 8 very flat miles with ease. It was just the kind of long run you hope for. I enjoyed the new scenery and the miles seemed to go fairly quickly.


And there was a little walk on the beach too.

Beach Boys!

Beach Boys!

So the reason I started this blog was because I’m ALWAYS talking about running and I needed a place to share it where it made sense. Not all my family and friends are runners or interested in my running life so Sweat Out The Small Stuff really came to fit the bill. Last week, Denny Kahe, a runner and coach who blogs over at DizRuns asked if I’d be interested in being on his podcast show to talk about running. It was a no-brainer…..I love talking about running….especially with fellow runners. The podcast and post are now live and you can read/hear them here.


Denny has lots of great resources on his site. Check out some of his other podcast episodes if you get a chance. In addition to interviews with other runners, there are some quick tip episodes too. Plus on his blog, there are some great debate style conversations like wearing sneakers or going barefoot.

I’m going to take another rest day today just to be sure I’m in the clear. The New Jersey Half is just 5 days away!

Do you love chatting about running (or any other passion)? YES!
Are you a podcast person?
I’m thinking of listening to podcasts more often especially while running