Another year is here — hello 2019!

I’m finally starting to feel human again after getting sick just two days into the year. I don’t know if it was the flu or a virus or what but it really took me down.

how most of my first 2 weeks went down. First tea with lemon and eventually back to my beloved coffee

I went hiking that night and just couldn’t keep up with my group. I felt lightheaded and tired. The next morning i was full on feverish and achy and that lasted a couple of days before the head cold and chest congestion folded into the mix. Yucko!

Let’s just say it was a lovely “extra” gift from Mr. SOTSS this holiday. He was sick first. But he did give me another gift for Christmas that was AWESOME!

He booked us a ski weekend in Vermont for that last weekend of 2018. I felt bad that he was sick but he was a trooper and we had a great time.

snowboarding and sniffles

We are both super grateful that I didn’t get sick until AFTER the trip because I am not the a trooper type when I am sick. I’m actually the biggest mope and whiner you’ve ever met when I”m sick. 

All smiles waiting for the lift up for our first run of the day

Skiing always makes me feel like a big kid. Oh wait, maybe it’s the pigtails 😉

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