I’m exhausted from this weekend! But it was worth it!

Let’s see, I already told you about Saturday’s Spring Lake 5 miler that I spectated at. On Sunday, I went sailing with Mr. SOTSS and his family. We set sail around noon and returned in the evening just about sunset. It was so relaxing.

Sailing Sally Selfie

Sailing Sally Selfie


My sweatshirt was a little big on her but she wasn’t complaining….it got CHILLY on the water =)


Nope, that’s not the boat’s anchor….that’s MY anchor!




Testing the waters by venturing to the side of the boat.


That’s a wrap

On Monday I ran the Staten Island Advance Memorial Day Run.

memorial-4-miler3 memorial-4-miler2It’s a small local 4 mile race. I ran it back in 2012 too. They had same day registration so I registered at 8:00am and the race started promptly at 9:00am. I bumped into my friend Cathy at the registration table and then I bumped into my friend Robyn and her son in the corral. I also bumped into this feathered family…

duck-famI held a pretty good pace and I’m very pleased with the finish especially considering my not so stellar start. I was so busy chatting with Robyn I didn’t connect my Garmin and when the race started I didn’t have time to get a signal and the walkers were behind me (with strollers and small children). I finally gave up on the Garmin and turned on my Runkeeper app on my phone but by the time I actually started the race I had to dodge and weave around lots of the walkers. While my Runkeeper has my time at 38:45 which would have been a 16 second PR) the official time was 39:40 which was the time on the clock when I crossed the finish. I guess they didn’t record chip time. It was a small race. Only 859 runners.


Taking a minute to enjoy the breeze and reflect on a lot.

Taking a minute to enjoy the breeze and reflect on a lot.

I’ve never trained for this race but i’m thinking maybe next year I will. I would like to shoot for 36 minutes next year.

I was interviewed for a blog post over at Fastblr. If you want to see what I (and a few other bloggers too!) have to say about my favorite running shoes you can check it out here.

Have you run any 4 mile races before? It’s a fun distance. 

What are your favorite running shoes?