Today at lunch I went to a local sporting goods store for some new running socks. You see, most of my running socks are white, but I don’t have much else that is white and I end up running out of socks too frequently while waiting for a big enough load of whites to put in the wash. #runnerproblems #livingsingleproblems

So I made sure to buy some darker colored socks. GENIUS!

photo 3

A few stragglers of white, but mostly blue, gray and black. I love ASICS socks, I’ve worn the Intensity before but this will be my first try with the Quick Lyte’s. After I grabbed a few packages of socks, I walked around a bit and spotted a nice little iPhone holder that straps to the handle bars of a bike and a water bottle holder for the bike too. And then I remembered I used my last 2 pieces of KT tape this past Saturday so I got another roll. That ish is expensive! But it does help! As the cashier rang me up she said if I spent $6 more I’d earn a $20 gift card so I grabbed another package of socks! And now I need to decide what to use the gift card for.

Great news! I got my referral for physical therapy….my first appointment is Thursday! YAY!

Duncan has some great news too! He just won the latest game of tug…

photo 5

Also, I just added these two inspirational pics/words onto my Dig Deep page.

photo 2

Go the distance. Take it slow. Enjoy the journey.

photo 1

Walk through the fog to find your light

I’m going to try and be more dilligent about creating them more frequently. I don’t have a Pinterest board yet but eventually I’ll set them up there.

So I have a few questions:

1. What are your favorite running socks and why? Are they white?

2. What sporting good item should I get with my $20 gift card? Should I buy a $20 item like a hat or something more expensive and pay the difference.

3. Do you take a lunch break at work? Do you eat at your desk? Run errands?


  1. Well, lol, being a PC brand ambassador, I’m all about Pro Compression. I have 16 pairs now… surprisingly none are completely white. If I had $20 on a gc, I’d definitely buy some Body Glide, and also a pair of headphones. I do take a lunch break. I usually make eat at my desk. Truth be told, my lunch is when I catch up on all the social media reaches.

    • I have 3 pairs of Pro Compression socks. I only wear them pre and post running though. Can’t seem to enjoy wearing them while running. I might need a larger size. They give me muffin top knees LOL!

  2. I a so boring when it comes to my socks, they are all white and I think they are Champion. I have yet to try compression socks, maybe one day. I would totally put the gift card towards a kayak, it has been on my wish list for a long time now. Yes on the lunch break most days, but it’s only 30 minutes so not much time to do anything besides eat.

  3. I love socks! I have every color you can imagine except white! Ha ha. The socks I wear depend on the outfit I wear. If I wear a running skirt, then I like knee high socks, like Crazy Compression or Pro Compression. If I am wearing capris, I like to wear My Soxy Feet socks. With a $20 GC, I would buy nutrition because not only am I addicted to socks, I also have a Nuun addiction! And finally, on my breaks? I RUNch!

    • I’m intrigued with the My Soxy Feet! Yep, I think I’m going to get some sport beans and nuun! That’s a great idea.
      Love that you RUNch!

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