I was thinking today how normal it is for me now to NOT run like a crazy person. I used to run so much but since returning from injury this time around I’m basically down to one run a week. After the Fall Flat 5k two weekends ago I waited a week and ran 4 miles the day after Thanksgiving. It was an AWESOME run. Just felt so happy and appreciative. Great fall weather and a quiet day since most of my clients weren’t around.

A beautiful Fall day  run

A beautiful Fall day run…my Black Friday… #optoutside

My feet took a beating though over the next two days.

Saturday Mr. SOTSS and I took his two daughters and my niece into the city to check out some of the department store holiday windows and see the big old tree at Rockafeller Center (unlit since the tree lighting doesn’t happen until tomorrow). Of course it ended up being more about shopping, SnapChat and selfies as my niece is 17 and his girls are 12 and 14. #teenagers 🙂

Taking their SnapChat selfies

Taking their SnapChat selfies

They were SO excited because there was a special “pop-up” store of Kylie Cosmetics and they waited on a huge line to get in and buy some makeup. It was fun though.

waiting for the girls

just two kids skipping ;)

just two kids skipping 😉 And those french braids are one of my braid masterpieces of the weekend.

These ornaments are displayed every year for what feels like forever. I feel like they've repainted them to be extra sparkly this year.

These ornaments are displayed every year for what feels like forever. I feel like they’ve repainted them to be extra sparkly this year.

My niece is such a hoot. And a great role model for the girls too. I love to see them hang together. We walked a ton and then, the next day we went back into the city with Mr. SOTSS’ parents and the girls to see Wicked, the broadway musical.

3rd row!

3rd row!

She wanted a french braid to the side. Mission accomplished.....and I did it while standing on the train.

She wanted a french braid to the side. Mission accomplished…..and I did it while standing on the train. 

Needless to say after another full day of strolling the city my feet were achy yesterday. I did manage to go to yoga but today I tried to rest my dogs as much as possible today. The old me would have run today because I had the time and the weather was great. But I just don’t want to risk injury. I’ve got a 5k on Saturday and I’d like my feet to be happy so I can run happy.

I can’t even wrap my head around ever getting back to a training schedule. I’m just going to continue to listen to my body. I haven’t signed up for any races in 2018 yet. I’d like to gradually build back up to 3 runs a week but who knows when that will be.

November is almost over and so are my Thanksgiving leftovers.

Last  of the TG leftovers

Last of the TG leftovers


I’m almost done designing my holiday card. I’ve even done some Christmas shopping. Hoping I can stay ahead of the game this year.

If I get stressed I'll just hit the bottle....not the wine...the whipped cream! LOL!

If I get stressed I’ll just hit the bottle….not the wine…the whipped cream! LOL!

Duncan's dropping the hint about what he wants for Christmas....he needs more tennis balls.

Duncan’s dropping the hint about what he wants for Christmas….he needs more tennis balls.

What’s new with you? Are you a fan of the holidays? Are you the type who gets more stressed or more spirited?

I’m a little of both. I do get stressed trying to get it all done but I LOVE when my tree is up and decorated and I’m wrapping gifts and listening to some holiday music.

For all my injured readers give me an update and let me know how you’re doing.

Hi folks!

It’s December 23rd….and that means one thing….DUNCAN’S BIRTHDAY! Yep, the doodle turned 7 today and we celebrated the same way we do each year. I force him to wear his party hat and then I give him a toy and treats.

Good boy!

Good boy!

He knows the drill and stays still like a champ long enough for me to snap a pic or 100 two.


And after picture #97 we start to get this

Get this thing off!

Get this thing off!

Plus, he just went to the groomer so he looks and smells delicious for the holidays.

Perfect fuzzbucket

Perfect fuzzbucket

Well, I haven’t run a single mile this week. I am going to try and squeeze in a run tomorrow before I hit the road to visit my friend Susan for Christmas Eve.

And since this post is all about Duncan and nothing about running I’ll sign off by sharing my Christmas card…


Thank you all for reading my little blog. I’m going to get started on a post highlighting my top 10 favorite memories of 2015 and hopefully get that up before the new year.

Happy and Merry Everything!

What are your plans for the holidays? Do you celebrate Xmas? Did you Celebrate Chanukah? Anyone celebrate anything else? 

New Year’s plans?

I covered quite a few miles this year. Let’s start with some stats:

I covered about 1,255 miles through running (and walking) this year.

I ran across 12 bridges: 

  • Golden Gate in San Francisco, CA
  • Arthur Ravenel Jr. in Charleston, SC
  • Verrazano Bridge from Staten Island to Brooklyn, NY
  • Williamsburg Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan, NY
  • Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan, NY
  • Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan, NY
  • Madison Ave Bridge from The Bronx to Manhattan, NY
  • Queensboro Bridge from Queens to Manhattan, NY
  • Willis Ave Bridge from Manhattan to the Bronx, NY
  • Pulaski Bridge from Brooklyn to Queens, NY
  • Calhoun Street Bridge from Trenton, NJ to Morrisville, PA
  • Trenton Makes Bridge (Lower Trenton bridge) from Morrisville, PA to Trenton, NJ


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