I covered quite a few miles this year. Let’s start with some stats:

I covered about 1,255 miles through running (and walking) this year.

I ran across 12 bridges: 

  • Golden Gate in San Francisco, CA
  • Arthur Ravenel Jr. in Charleston, SC
  • Verrazano Bridge from Staten Island to Brooklyn, NY
  • Williamsburg Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan, NY
  • Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan, NY
  • Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan, NY
  • Madison Ave Bridge from The Bronx to Manhattan, NY
  • Queensboro Bridge from Queens to Manhattan, NY
  • Willis Ave Bridge from Manhattan to the Bronx, NY
  • Pulaski Bridge from Brooklyn to Queens, NY
  • Calhoun Street Bridge from Trenton, NJ to Morrisville, PA
  • Trenton Makes Bridge (Lower Trenton bridge) from Morrisville, PA to Trenton, NJ


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