Hello there.

This morning I took Duncan to the vet. He had a few routine shots that he was due for but the real reason was that I felt a growth on his cheek and upon inspection I thought it looked serious. Well how embarrased was I when I expressed my deepest concern to the vet thinking he’d tell me he thought it might be cancerous and he says: “Sally, it’s a wart! Your boy has a wart. He’s 5 1/2 which is basically like a 40 something year old middle aged man. He’s fine. Leave it be.” I felt like an idiot! But a very happy idiot.

It's just a wart ma!

It’s just a wart ma!

We made a quick pitstop at the pet store and stocked up on the necessities….food, cookies, bones and poop bags…and then when we cam home I fought the jungle in my garage to get the bike out for a ride.

Welcome to the Jungle. We've got fun and games.

Welcome to the Jungle. We’ve got fun and games. (and boxes and shovels and broken vacuums)

Kinda sad. I remember exactly one year ago cleaning out the garage and making it workout-friendly.



I was a little pressed for time today so I only got 6.2 miles in.




Then it was time for a little bulk shopping at Sam’s Club. I focused on all my favorite P’s.

photo 1Popcorn, Peppermint Patties and Produce!

And while we’re talking about the letter P….this was my Perfect Park…

photo 3I have no idea why I parked like that. For a minute I thought maybe the car wasn’t in park and rolled forward. But no, I just misjudged a bit. =)

Well, I’m off to go strength train a bit. Catch ya later!

So what are your favorite arm moves? Weights? Resistance bands? Kettle bells? I’m going to do some tricep dips on my stairs and some planks and push-ups and then who knows.