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This morning I took Duncan to the vet. He had a few routine shots that he was due for but the real reason was that I felt a growth on his cheek and upon inspection I thought it looked serious. Well how embarrased was I when I expressed my deepest concern to the vet thinking he’d tell me he thought it might be cancerous and he says: “Sally, it’s a wart! Your boy has a wart. He’s 5 1/2 which is basically like a 40 something year old middle aged man. He’s fine. Leave it be.” I felt like an idiot! But a very happy idiot.

It's just a wart ma!

It’s just a wart ma!

We made a quick pitstop at the pet store and stocked up on the necessities….food, cookies, bones and poop bags…and then when we cam home I fought the jungle in my garage to get the bike out for a ride.

Welcome to the Jungle. We've got fun and games.

Welcome to the Jungle. We’ve got fun and games. (and boxes and shovels and broken vacuums)

Kinda sad. I remember exactly one year ago cleaning out the garage and making it workout-friendly.



I was a little pressed for time today so I only got 6.2 miles in.




Then it was time for a little bulk shopping at Sam’s Club. I focused on all my favorite P’s.

photo 1Popcorn, Peppermint Patties and Produce!

And while we’re talking about the letter P….this was my Perfect Park…

photo 3I have no idea why I parked like that. For a minute I thought maybe the car wasn’t in park and rolled forward. But no, I just misjudged a bit. =)

Well, I’m off to go strength train a bit. Catch ya later!

So what are your favorite arm moves? Weights? Resistance bands? Kettle bells? I’m going to do some tricep dips on my stairs and some planks and push-ups and then who knows.




  1. 21s! So, take your dumbbells, start like you’re gonna do a curl. Then from the halfway point, curl up 7x. Then from the half way point, go down and curl up to the half way point 7x. Then all the way up and all the way down for 7x. Do that for 3 sets. That should give you alligator arms… or as I like to call them, the starbucks arms. Every time I kill by biceps, it’s hard for me to reach my grande mocha frap no whip from the drive through. Seriously, I’ve had to have the barista lady reach into my car window to give me my drink =)

    • So I did the 21s and loved it! Thanks for the info! I can’t wait for starbucks arms…but i don’t have a starbucks drive through so i’ll have to have dunkin donut arms. =)

  2. I laughed out loud at that parking job! So, so glad for you that it is just a wart. I can’t imagine how worried you were. I would be a wreck if it was my little guy.

  3. I love pushups – I feel like it’s a lot of bang for the buck!

    I was sidelined for about 8 weeks with a stress fracture. I was miserable because I had come so far only to be set back again! You’re doing great!!

    On a personal note, I remember THAT moment when I knew my big brother was going to die. I remember it so clearly like you do. I’m sorry. {hugs}

    Have a great day – and give Duncan extra kisses!!! =]

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