First let me just say I can’t believe the party that went down in San Diego this weekend at the Rock ‘N Roll San Diego Marathon & Half Marathon. Some of my favorite bloggers Pavement Runner and Run Eat Repeat along with new blogger on “da” block The Silent Assasin all ran today. And so did Meb! Again, I know i’ve said this before but running is only part of what makes race day so exciting.

Speaking of running….I went running biking again today #thelifeofaninjuredrunner!

photo 5

the bike and me are becoming besties =)

It was even more picture perfect than yesterday weather-wise. Yesterday was sunny and temperate but it was also super windy….I kept having to wipe off the sand that got blown into my lip-balm-slicked-lips. Gritty lips sink ships feel nasty. And my eyes kept tearing too. But today was calmer and just perfection.

becoming quite the biker beach bum

becoming quite the biker beach bum

Apparently there was a local 5k today and it finished on the boardwalk so I pulled over to watch for a bit. (After catching up on Instagram I learned that nycrunningmama ran it with her niece. It was her niece’s first race!)

one of the front runners

one of the front runners

Then I took the same route as yesterday and had a repeat performance photo shoot by the Verrazano Bridge.

OUTTAKE! I didn't give my timer camera app enough seconds for me to pose. LOL

OUTTAKE! I didn’t give my timer camera app enough seconds for me to pose. I guess that makes this awkward… LOL

photo 3-1

much better!

I biked 9 miles (in 58 minutes) and headed back to the car only to realized I LOCKED MY KEYS IN THE CAR!!!! They were still in the ignition! I calmly assessed……well, sunroof was open and i could see the keys…

took this pic thru the window

took this pic thru the window

But the sun had been beating down on the Jeep and i burned my hands when I tried to climb onto the hood to try and reach down through the sunroof. Ultimately, I knew i’d never reach down far enough anyway. My arms wouldn’t be long enough. So I sheepishly made the phone call to my friend Mike who happens to have keys to my home. He was out running errands but as soon as he could he went to my house and grabbed my spare car key and Duncan and brought them to me at the beach. All in all it was an hour that I had to kill until he got there. So of course what did I do? I kept riding the bike! Got 2 more miles in. Oh and I saw this woman riding with her dog in the basket. Unsafe…..but cute…..

photo 2-2

Once Duncan and my key were delivered to me (I owe ya Mike!) we went for a walk. A very short one because Duncan decided it was too warm out. (God help me come July and August if 74 degrees is too warm for him).

photo 3-2Once we got home I fixed myself a nice healthy lunch and Duncan pooped out on the sofa.

photo 3

Turkey, avocado, lettuce and tomato in a flour tortilla, some snap peas with hummus and pink lemonade in a wine glass just because

Turkey, avocado, lettuce and tomato in a flour tortilla, some snap peas with hummus and pink lemonade in a wine glass just because.

And now to get to why I titled this post the way i did:

1. I need to accessorize the bike (a.k.a. pimp my ride)

I need to find myself a water bottle holder and small bag of some sort that straps on (to hold my keys of course). And I think maybe when I start going farther I should have a tire repair kit. I can’t always rely on people to bail me out. Gosh I’m such a newbie!

2. I’m only human

As I start to get in the groove and feel more comfortable on the bike I am finding that I can get in the meditative zone as I pedal and just let all the crazy head movies play out. At the end of the day what gives me vitality and clarity is being outdoors and being active…breathing in fresh air, seeing nature and stepping away from my daily grind. I think the reason a human being can thrive well into their 80s and 90s is based on how active they stay. As long as I have been blessed with health and a body that can be active I will continue to do so in whatever way shape or form I can. Some of us aren’t as lucky. There are many people with illnesses and other challenges that are causing their bodies to slow down.

I can’t believe the weekend has come to a close already. And I can’t believe I got sunburned! I’m usually so diligent about sunscreen application. Today I flunked! Granted I didn’t expect to be outdoors that extra hour while waiting for the spare car key delivery but I’m still angry with myself.


Well, I’ve got a pile of folded laundry that’s calling out to me to be put away so I leave you with this…

photo 5-2This what what I saw when I opened my eyes this morning….And yes that is a cardboard paper towel tube on the bed….Duncan took it to bed with him last night.

Please tell me about the time you locked your keys in the car or you locked yourself out of the house…I need to hear so I can feel better that these things happy to other people too. =)



  1. The Silent Assassin

    Here’s a good one for you. Dog show… so I had all 4 of my dogs with me. I had to take them out to go “potty”. I took the first one out of the car. As I did, I left my keys in the center console. No biggie right? Well until the other 3 dogs started going crazy (they weren’t crated) and one of them hit the latch to lock the door!!! They were in there for 40 mins before AAA showed up. No worries, it was in Sacramento and at night in January…windows were slightly cracked, but not enough for met to stick my hand in. In 40 minutes, they chewed the seats, the seat belts, and the steering wheel. The AAA dude just shook his head. How that?! lol… thanks for the shout out. Next stop SF! How is it healing?

    • WOW! Now, that’s crazy!! I’m laughing at the visual of the AAA dude shaking his head. Foot/ankle tendon is slowly healing. I am walking normally but if I am on my feet too long (even just standing) it gets achy. I have a feeling in another week I’ll be much better. Thanks for asking =)

  2. One time I went to the pharmacy and got out of my car and the car beeped at me (you know as they do when you leave your keys in the ignition WITH the car still running…) and Im like what’s that noise? Ha, major brain fart. Went to the pharmacy got my stuff, came out, looked for my keys and then I noticed my headlights on and looked in the ignition and saw my keys… luckily I was only a few blocks from home and was able to call someone with a spare. But oy did I feel stupid!

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