Goodbye May. Hello June!

Yup, without fail there’s always a new month to begin when one ends. Time doesn’t stop. Life is a continuous journey. There might be some detours or very “slow lane” days but we’re always moving forward at some speed.

I’ve obviously had a detour with my tendonitis forcing me to sweat out the small stuff in a new way. Yesterday I pushed a little further and completed 13 miles for a new PDR (personal distance record) on the bike! (meanwhile I just saw in my Facebook feed that my friend Alex rode his bike 108 miles today. Cray cray!)


personal distance record on a bike.

I’m liking the bike but I really do miss running (21 days running without running!). Hoping that when I go back for my re-check at the foot doctor in 11 days (not that I’m counting or anything) I get cleared to start back again. In the meantime I’ll continue with the detour and look forward to cycling maybe once a week in addition to running once i’m healed =) Yesterday’s ride was really lovely. Some pretty pink flowers have bloomed literally overnight and they match my bike so well! And the sky was filled with puffy white clouds. I swear I can stare at clouds and see cartoon characters just waiting to be created….

midland beach

A picture perfect day in NYC

photo 2-1

VZ Bridge

visualizing this view but a red bridge and chrissy field below…8 weeks!

So May comes to a close with all of 8 running miles. Not exactly what marathon training should look like but hey—that’s life. Well, I did work hard on practicing carbo-loading ALL MONTH and have 5 lovely added pounds to carry around with me for a bit….hopefully just a few weeks because it’s making me sad and I hate when I get down on myself about weight gain. Phooey!

My social calendar for June will start off nice and quiet but will get quite busy come the second half of the month, so I’m just going to take it easy and enjoy a little loafing around the house. And so long as the foot cooperates I’ve got two 10Ks on the horizon this month. The Oakley Mini 10K and The Queens 10K. Definitely won’t be shooting for a PR though.

Today I’m going to shoot for a short bike ride and then do some major cleaning or napping….not sure how productive I feel like being =)

Are you being productive today or is it a lazy weekend for ya?



  1. Don’t worry. I checked out the other bridge and Crissy Field for you on my run today! All is good and waiting for recovered Sally to run!

  2. Hey, you pretty much did a half marathon on your bike. Way to go! Great photos, too.

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