I’m still working on a complete recap of yesterday but wanted to just share some awesome news. My knee held out just fine for the entire 13.1 yesterday and I made a big decision I’ll share with you later.


bling and black cherry hard cider…quite the pair!


Giddy girl!


I finished the Philly Love Run in 2:23:53…..way slower than my PR from last year’s event but a really great run with some of my fastest miles happening after mile 10. It was a great day. So much to share. Hoping to get it up tonight or tomorrow.


Hope y’all had a great weekend.

Tell me all about it!




  1. Great job!! Can’t wait to read the full recap.

  2. Congrats on the race!!! Even better that your knee held up and had a victory beer. Can’t wait to hear about it!!! xo

  3. That black cherry cider sounds sooo good! How was it?

    • So funny you ask. I thought it would be better than it actually was. It was a like half black cherry seltzer, a quarter light beer and a quarter apple juice. I was going to get a mimosa but the color of that cider was a better complement to the medal. HA!

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