Yesterday’s meltdown is a thing of the past. Today, I rocked my run!
Well, let’s clarify. I didn’t stick to a 10:50 pace. I decided after a mile to see what my pace was and whatever it was that would be the pace I would shoot to maintain for the remainder.

I mapped out an 8ish mile route that would pass by my parents’ house so that I could get some water. (One of the sad things about summer being over is that most of the parks have shut off their water fountains for the season). After filling up my water bottle I took a few minutes to sit on their porch and rock in a rocking chair….Ha! Get it? This is why I “rocked” my run. And I give all the credit for the pun to Valerie, a loyal reader/runner/friend.


Rocking my run!

I did a decent job of maintaining all my splits around 11:30s and that was fine. (mile 5 I walked a bit to fuel and the last mile I was emailing with work!


Even though It’s October and there were some sights of fall…


autumnal road signs and happy feet

There were also signs that spring and summer haven’t totally left. I always manage to find those rebel honeysuckles that refuse to die! I love them!

rebel honeysuckles and some pretty colored berries

rebel honeysuckles and some pretty colored berries

When I got home, I wiped my sweaty face with a paper towel and then next thing you know this happened:


After all that running and then another mile and a half walking the dog, I was starving. I looked in the freezer and saw this big bag of corn my dad gave me. He has a garden in his backyard and grows his own corn! I decided I’d try making corn fritters. I probably needed a little more flour but they came out pretty good.

corn fritters!

corn fritters!

I’m really getting excited for the NYC Marathon! It’s in exactly one month. Time to start obsessing about the weather and what I plan on wearing…

Question: Are corn fritters and hush puppies the same thing? How do you strategize your water on a long run?

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