Hi all,

I meant to post yesterday but something awful happened. A good friend of mine lost her dad in a very horrific way. It jolted me so much. I had just come home from the most awesome evening run to find out that her dad’s life was in jeopardy. 🙁

It started out as any typical Monday. Work was insane. But I came home and went out for a 3 (ish) miler. I usually run on Tuesday mornings but i wanted to take advantage of the perfect night. Weather was spot on and the sun was setting all shades of pink and purple. I had the most amazing and SPEEDY run ever! Each mile faster than the next with the final mile clocking in at 8:51 pace. WOAH! I don’t remember eating Wheaties????

sallywheatiesI channeled my runner’s high and watched a few Adobe After Effects video tutorials. I’m determined to learn some animation skills. But everything came to a screeching halt when I got the news about my friend’s dad. I ended up staying awake until somewhere around 3 a.m. I talked on the phone and texted with friends and tried to process the situation.

I’m so glad I went for that run. Life can change in an instant. You MUST appreciate and revel in all the joys. The small feats and the big ones. Try not to sweat the small stuff. I suggest sweat out the small stuff instead. This way you will be strong enough to handle the not so small stuff.

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