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Before I get into today’s post I just wanted to share this sweet pic of me and my friend Sue from last week’s road trip to visit hersally-sueA sign I’m happy is my eyes practically closed….the bigger the smile the more I squint.

This morning I ran a local 5k trail race called the Fall Flat 5k.

Fall Flat 5k on a perfect Fall day

Fall Flat 5k on a perfect Fall day

It’s in a park that is just 10 minutes from home and while I’ve participated in some of their other events this was the first time running this particular race. Bib and shirt pickup was a breeze and since I was an hour early I enjoyed the views of the lake before sitting in my car for a bit. (This was clutch because I sat on a wet bench and used my heated seats in the car to dry off before the race began. HA!). img_7596Frankly, the sole purpose of registering was to see and chat with my friend Gina. It made me giggle when I thought that my goal for the race would be “conversational pace” but not in the sense of speed….more about the ACTUAL CONVERSATION. 15036309_10210994186871054_6300768106909354973_nWell, I hit my goal! I talked non-stop for the entire 3.1 miles and Gina got a word in every once and a while 😉 The entire run went by so fast that it left me wishing we had a longer course to run just to keep the conversation going. fall-flat5k-finish

It’s so important to make time for fitness but also to make time to connect with friends too. I’m determined to make 2017 the year of conversational pace! I want to commit to running (and chatting!) with friends at least once a month!

 Do you run solo or with a group? Like local races? Do you like to talk or zone out when running?


  1. That looks like such a gorgeous race!

  2. Love a race with “FLAT” in the title!!! Sounds like my kind of race 🙂 I mostly run alone, though my BFF and mom will sometimes to races with me – we don’t run together though, because we are all different paces. In addition, I usually can’t talk much while running. I am busy huffing and puffing, even at slower paces!

  3. I run solo, on the treadmill, every day during the week (I run REALLY EARLY, so it’s not safe to run outside). I run with my BRF, talking the entire time, on my Saturday long runs! I love local races, and living here in metro-Atlanta, there are a lot of them!

  4. I run with my husband when the weather is good. That is typically April-October. After that I am on the treadmill. I like local races. We did 5 races this year. I like to talk & run, but there are just as many times I like to take in the sights. I have a great rails to trails trail here in Wisconsin.

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