I was talking to a friend yesterday. We talked about the ups and downs of life. He said be grateful when things are good and graceful when things are not so good. Genius! I had nightmares last night and was up most of the night. It made me feel a little uneasy so I did what I always do….I went for a run…

fast and graceful

Fast and Graceful

Seriously…9:37 pace? that’s superfast for me! I guess I could also call this speedwork. lol! My 2nd mile was a 9:19 pace! Woot Woot!

While we’re on the topic of grateful and graceful, I wanted to give a shout out for a fellow blogger. I discovered Monika somehow through some other running blogs a few months before her world turned upside down. She was in the middle of training for the Marine Corps Marathon and found out she had an inoperable brain tumor. I’ve continued to follow her journey through reading her blog and have been more and more inspired by her. I mean, who can ever complain about a bad running day knowing there’s a girl who’s squeezing in her runs between chemo doses. Oh and she’s run 1 marathon since starting treatment and will be running another one this October while fundraising for the Kesari Neuro-oncology Lab at UCSD where she is being treated. You can support her efforts here.

It’s Hump Day. Have you seen this funny Geico commercial yet?


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