I’m running out the door for my work holiday party.

party red sweater

Festive red faux wrap sweater

But I wanted to share some great news…

I finally stopped procrastinating and wrapped all my gifts.


All ready to give!

OK that’s not the great news. The great news is that I went for a RUN!

back to running

She’s Back!

The first run in 19 days. So happy that my ankle is all good now. Of course the left hamstring was tight and the problem knee felt weird still but those are things I can work on. I’m telling you, my New Year’s Resolution is to make foam rolling, stretching and strengthening my business. I think I say that every year.

What’s going on in your life? Are you busy with the holidays?¬†Attending any parties? What’s your “go-to” attire for holiday parties?


  1. I’m weirdly ahead of things for the holidays. I had to get all my gifts ready early because I’m in NY and my family is all on the West coast, so I had to get things shipped.

    We had a couple of holiday parties last week, one pretty casual (at a bar, there were jalapeno poppers, I was happy) and one fancy (the boyfriend had to wear a suit and tie). Now we’re pretty free until Christmas.

    I also need to foam roll, stretch and strength train – it’s so much easier to just run though!

    • Shipping gifts can be more money and hassle than buying them. Hope you got it all done. Let’s make a pact to do this foam rolling, stretching and strengthening for 2015. (As a sit on the sofa with my legs bent behind me. I can feel the hamstring tightening by the minute)

  2. We have some holiday parties this weekend and I still have to wrap!
    Yay for your run!

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