Wednesday, July 16, 2014: I SURRENDER!

Yep. No more trying to delude myself into thinking I could possibly complete the full in 11 days. Last night we had a break in the crazy thunder/lightening and rain storms here and I was able to go out for a quick 3 miles before the next storm rolled in.

I call this Watch Dogs (HAHA)

I call this Watch Dogs (HAHA)

In those 34 minutes I paid attention to my head movies and realized they were all in the horror genre. I kept seeing myself crawling on my hands and knees trying to get to the finish line and not making the time cutoff. I gave it my best effort but seriously I hurt EVERYWHERE! My original injury isn’t so much the issue as some of my new aches and pains. I’m just feeling crappy day in and day out. Mornings are the worst as everything is stiff and sore. I go down 3 flights of stairs like an old lady. I spend more time foam rolling than I do anything else. I’m sure the heat and humidity have made my return to running more challenging too. Perhaps this is just plain ole too much too soon.  Here’s a diagram of the major issues:


So here’s my new plan: TAPER! =) 
I made it to 10 miles this past weekend and that’s where I peak for 1/2 marathon training anyway. Instead of trying to reach 13-15 this weekend I’ll just go out and run easy for as long or as short as I feel like. I’m going to focus on walking and stretching and icing and cleaning up my eating habits.

perhaps I should stock the fridge first

perhaps I should stock the fridge first

I guess I’ll need to hit the grocery store first. =) I know I originally said I’d make my final decision the day before but frankly I have been obsessing over this daily so I realized I just needed to release myself of the worry.

I’m really cool with this decision. It won’t change anything about my RUNcation other than crossing a different finish line. =)

So now you know.



  1. Ugh…peroneal tendinitis sucks… Ummmm, Sal, Ktape actually got me through the training runs while on PT. Maybe at the expo you can get wrapped up. I’m glad there’s no black line on the diagram pointing to your head =).

    • I have a brand new roll of KT tape! I’ve been using it on the ankle but now i’ll try a calf application too. You’re funny….actually there should be a black line pointing to my head. LOL!

  2. I second the KT tape recommendation wholeheartedly. It has helped me many times, I really believe in it. Tip: black KT Pro tape is the way to go. It sticks so much better than the other colors. Hope you feel better, and best wishes for a fab half and great RUNcation!

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