Well what better way to get this blog off the ground than with a true Sweat Out The Small Stuff (SOTSS) experience.

I’ll keep it brief.

1. Woke up to notice my hot water heater was leaking. It’s old. It was time.

2. Called service company “ABC” (rhymes with ears) who offers “same day installation” and 15 minutes later was the proud owner of a 40 gallon hot water heater. I was told i’d get a call within the hour where they would then give me a “window” for when the installation would happen. One hour became two and two became four. In the meantime Duncan (my labradoodle furkid) got a bath and a haircut and went from shagamuffin to puffball


either way, the cuteness factor is off the chart!


3. By 3pm I got antsy…. I called back the service company to find out what is going on. All they could do was give me the phone # of the company they sub-contracted to do the installation. I called the number. Got a machine. Left a message.

4. Got real hungry so slaved over the hot stove ordered chinese food =)



5. Well to make a long story endless, there were a few more phone calls, being left on hold for 51 minutes, seeing that my credit card had already been billed the $1,000 and then being told at 6pm when I finally gave up waiting and canceled the purchase and install that it will be 7-10 business days before my refund will be posted to the credit card. Seriously, that was the breaking point. The frustration of today is what I consider the perfect description of the “small stuff” I tend to have a hard time with in life. So what did I do? As soon as I hung up the phone I put on my running gear and went out for a run! 3.75 miles at about 9:50 pace. That’s fast for me! Worked up a good sweat and now I feel so relaxed!!!! There’s only one little, small, teeny-weenie issue….that good sweat i worked up….well, I have a broken hot water heater…so the sweat might be sticking around a little longer. HA!

Consider this post a preview of what’s to come. I’ll be spending the next few weeks getting the rest of this blog up to snuff and giving you a formal welcome too!

What has been your worst repairman/service call story? Anyone think they can top mine?  Anyone have some good running plans this weekend?

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