It’s Sunday evening and I’m watching TV and pretending that it’s only Saturday. I’m not ready for the weekend to be over. Today was a pretty lazy day. It started with me watching a program called Yoga For Life on TV. Last week I watched it and thought about actually doing the Yoga moves but I stayed on the couch.

photo 1

This week I came one step closer and decided to DVR the series so hopefully I’ll actually implement some yoga into my life soon.

photo 3

I did a token load of laundry and got a 4 mile run in but that’s about it.

photo 4It’s been a pretty hum drum day.

Last night though was far from hum drum…I went to a favorite mexican joint with my friends. I had a glass of sangria to go along with my quesadillas and we also split the best plate of nachos ever.

photo 1

I had the shrimp quesadillas

photo 2

we slaughtered that plate of nachos.

Dessert was amazing! It was a baked carmelized apple oat square thingy with vanilla chip ice cream, whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon. I’ve been really out of control with the sweets lately. It was just a few days ago i had that warm chocolate chip cookie thingy with gelato. (Thingy is my new word obsession I suppose). And then there was the easter candy binge on Friday.

Tomorrow I’ll try and ease up on the sweets—try being the operative word. Of course Mondays are always a good day to celebrate with a scone.

Question: What’s your favorite dessert? 


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  2. Oh, I have a horrible sweet tooth, so I like a lot of desserts! My favorite is cake! Yellow cake with chocolate frosting, pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting in the fall, key lime cake, caribbean coconut cake, strawberry cake are on my radar right now (I like lighter, fruity cakes in the spring and summer). There is a coffee shop in town with these flavors of cakes, and my book club meets there once a month, so I get my fix on a regular basis. Unfortunately, that is not the only time I get my sweet fix 😛

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