My day so far:

Walked the dog this morning and passed the house with the cute cat in the window. Usually I don’t have my phone when the cat is there or the cat isn’t there when i have my phone so today I finally nailed it!

cute cat in the window

cute cat in the window

Walked past Diana Nyad swimming again on my way to the office. She was 25 hours in to her 48 hour swim…

photo 2

Worked a few hours, then had an apple and a granola bar…

Always emphasizing my snacks...I just made a snack exclamation.

Always emphasizing my snacks…I just made a snack exclamation.

Went to the gym at lunch and did a solid 30 minutes on the elliptical…


Now I better get back to work….

Question: Anyone have any exciting news to share? I’m all ears!

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  1. Oh hi mau mau!!! What a cute cat! She looks like a mix of my two. =)

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