I’m almost done with my recap for the NJ Marathon but just waiting on a few pictures. I warn you now it’s a novel so be prepared =)

Yesterday I focused on recovery and hydration.


requirements for the day after a marathon…wear your finisher’s shirt and HYDRATE!

As I was thumbing through some of the pics we took I noticed how cool this one was that my new iphone case that says 26.2 shows through the clear pouch so nicely on my fuelbelt!

iphone case

cute pink iphone case makes the second best fashion accessory. The “necklace” is the best accessory =) Two HAPPY girls!

Since I’m not running today I took Duncan for a little play time at the park really early (as in BEFORE COFFEE EARLY!). We were on the baseball field and apparently he found himself a ball =)

photo 2 photo 4


Since NJ is complete I pulled the trigger and registered for my next marathon. San Francisco here i come!!!

sf marathon

time to train for hills!

I hadn’t anticipated running more than one full marathon this year but I wanted to be there to support Lisa’s sister┬áValerie as she runs her first full. I have NO time goals for this one. I just want to take some great pictures and enjoy the journey. =)

Hoping to have that recap up tonight or tomorrow.

Question: do you like water? Are you a purist or do you add anything to it or go for flavored kinds?


  1. The Silent Assassin

    Awesome next race! That’s across country for you right? I’m doing a half a month challenge, and I’m doing the SF Half that day to get my July half in. I’m doing the second half. Didn’t want to wake up early for the first half. I’m sure you’ll do great for that one too!

    • yes! across the country. =) How cool you’re doing the second half. Getting up early for races is my least favorite part… my friend Roger is doing the Full twice. 52.4 miles! How crazy is that?! Thanks for your support.

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