Happy Saturday! I treated myself to 8 trail miles today! That’s right. I say treated because normally I’d just run out my door and around the neighborhood for a mundane view but I felt the need for fresher air and scenery.

Hello scenery

Hello scenery

After having such a nice hike with dogs last Sunday I knew I wanted to go back to the same park for this run. It’s 5 minutes from Mr. SOTSS house and there’s a nice variety of technical trails and wider, loose gravel paths. I ran the first mile on one of the more technical trails but with ice and snow I walked a lot of it so I kept to the loose gravel paths for the last 7 miles. I took it nice and slow and just enjoyed getting lost in the forrest. I listened to music but kept it low enough that I could hear the sound of my footsteps too. There’s something really peaceful about that sound when it’s quiet otherwise.


My hamstring felt a little tight as I approached mile 7 but nothing major. it’s really been wonderful to being running lower mileage and hurting less. Nothing but love for today’s run…IMG_1529

And this might just be the last time I run with snow on the ground and Spring is approaching fast!



Other than my run I’ve just been spending time on Mr. SOTSS’ sofa with lots of dogs. IMG_1485

Enjoy your the rest of your weekend.