I did it! I got to the gym today for 30 solid minutes of cross-training on my lunch break. 20 minutes on the rower and 10 minutes on the elliptical. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift.” (that’s a quote I happen to love). I am so grateful to have had those 30 precious minutes to sweat out the small stuff. It’s been building. =)

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gym selfies and such

Traffic lately has been brutal. It’s part of what comes along with living in a city that has more than 8 million people I suppose. As I was sitting in traffic yesterday morning I started to think about how I could make it seem more appealing. So from now on I’m going to call it Traffique. It just sounds better.

I signed up for one more race this year. I caved! My friends are all running the Ted Corbitt 15K┬áin Central Park on December 14th, and since it was only $23 to register I pulled the trigger. YAY! I’m actually looking forward to it and sorta hope it snows. Central Park is so beautiful with snow.

In other news, say goodbye to my little umbrella friend. She was sparkly silver when I got her and I loved her for being so compact and reliable. But today she broke. And she cut my hand twice! Apparently she likes to remain open and when I try to close her she pops back open again. She almost impaled me! I actually think that if there were a comedian watching me getting on the bus this morning they’d have enough material for an entire show. (I had a travel mug of hot coffee spilling at the same time as I tried to get lil’ silver umbrella to behave all while my bus driver insisted on driving mach 1 through a construction area that was bumpy as sh-t…It wasn’t pretty).

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Just got this email from our office manager. YIPPEE!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving’s EVE! And enjoy your festivities tomorrow. Remember to savor each and every bite. Then come back and tell me what your favorite part of the meal was. And I hope nobody has to get stuck in traffique!