Just proud of myself for sticking to my plan.

My first two-a-day was a success even with some hot summer sun blazing down.

Like the brain surgeon that I am I waited until it was the hottest part of the day to head out for my first leg. I remembered how rough it was yesterday afternoon running 4 miles without water so today I took a bottle and amazingly drank the entire thing! 16.9 oz in 45 min.

ragnar training

rule #1: hydrate!!!

I felt a little stronger than yesterday but in general my speed just isn’t there these days. I always laugh when I say speed. Because for me that is 9-10 minutes per mile. Not to be confused with Meb┬áspeed (4-5 min per mile).

After my first run I came home to a lovely package. It was the tshirts for our Ragnar team! Perfect timing!

photo 2-1

Custom Ink

I tried to recreate the Ragnar experience so I didn’t shower between runs. =) I was excited though because as i finished my first run I stopped the iPod right at the beginning of one of my favorite songs. One Shot by Eminem. So I knew I’d get a push at the beginning of my second run.

The second run happened in the early evening, just before a thunderstorm. The dew point was 75! If you know anything about dew points then basically my sweat couldn’t evaporate. It wasn’t fun.

Run 2!

Rule #2: Hydrate some more!

My sweat was sweet though! That’s because I ate way too much of this homemade chocolate chip bundt cake today. Like 3/4 of the cake too much. #serious

chocolate chip bundt cake

I made this little gem all by myself!

Tomorrow morning I’m running that 4 miler in Central Park and then I think I’ll give myself a cross-training day on Sunday.

Have you ever run twice in one day? Have you experienced a dew point of 70 or higher?
Ever eat an entire cake in a 24-hour period? Or am I the only nut?