Life can’t always be a bed of roses. I’ve been having some good days lately but I have some friends who are hurting. I’m no stranger to sadness. My BIG sadness happened almost 15 years ago. My husband died of cancer. (If you’ve not seen my Dicks Sporting Goods “Every Runner Has a Reason” video yet you can see how running filled a void…)

I’ve got a good friend (she’s part of my Wolf Pack!) who just passed the 6 month mark since her dad was killed. It was tragic and instantly her life was changed. She’s still gripping the fact that he’s gone. It was so sudden. I have another friend who has 2 dogs (brothers from the same litter) that are his world. It’s complicated but long story short these dogs pulled him through a sudden loss 3 years ago. Well one of these boys is now very sick. He has cancer and we’re at the point that we can only hope for a miracle. He’s only 4!

Meet Angus, the cancer patient. Please say a prayer for him.

Meet Angus, the cancer patient. Please say a prayer for him. Please!

I can relate to seeing how cancer can deteriorate lives and spirit.┬áSo yesterday when I set out for my run I knew I needed to feel it in my heart and my head as well as in my legs! I wanted to channel those endorphins and clear my head and really strengthen myself both physically and emotionally. Mission accomplished. That’s what I love about running. It doesn’t let me down. I just felt so strong and in control. I may not be able to create miracles but I can make sure I’m strong and healthy so that I can be there for my friends. Life comes full circle….always.

photo 1

some snowy and ice visuals for ya

photo 2

I wore more shades of pink and blue than a box of crayons.

This morning I slept in with this guy:

photo 1 copy

five more minutes ma!

Then made myself a big ole’ pancake with bananas and walnuts.

photo 2 copy

starting the day off right!

I’ve got some cleaning and other non-fun stuff to get done and then I’m headed out to my brother’s house to spend time with family.

Hope you had a great weekend. Hope you’re feeling strong. And I hope you treated yourself to something delicious for breakfast today.

Question: Who’s watching the Olympics? Favorite sport? I am so amazed at some of them Those freestyle snowboarders flipping in the air for so long. It’s insane. Awesomely insane.