In my last post I was still coming to terms with this injury and raw emotion poured out. Thank you so much to those who commented or even just read through my emotional word dump. It’s so helpful for me to have this blog and to be able to get stuff out like that. That was the catalyst for me to get back to being me…HAPPY SALLY. Sally who makes a Plan B when Plan A can’t happen. And so I did…

That 5k I was supposed to run on Saturday? I still went but I walked it and even with my limp I blew past so many other walkers. I think it took me about 57 or 58 minutes to complete. And you know what? It was fun anyway. I still got to meet up with friends beforehand and catch up on life.


Alex, Jane, Jane’s friend Amy, me and……OK, so my camera-shy boyfriend finally allowed me to take some creative license so I don’t have to crop him out of every pic. I’m pleased to present his blog persona: the always smiling, blue-eyed Mr. Sweat Out The Small Stuff (SOTSS)

Mr. SOTSS (Sweat Out the Small Stuff) finished in less than 25 minutes and then came back to the course with his dog and they walked the last mile with me. And afterward I went out for breakfast with my friends Jane and Alex who also ran it. The coolest part of the morning was seeing the college gymnasium filled from wall to wall with thousands of toys! The “entry fee” to this race was a toy ($10 or more in value). Giving IS so much better than receiving. This I know.

2014-12-06 14.09.23

Me, Jane and Jane's friend Bill

Me, Jane and Jane’s friend Bill

I iced my ankle a lot afterward. It didn’t feel any worse or better so I am happy about that.

My next compromise for the weekend was for the hike I wanted to do yesterday. I knew it was described as “moderate to strenuous” and that there were spots along the trail that would require literally using hands and feet to scale rocks! I knew that my ankle brace wasn’t going to be enough. My sneakers wouldn’t cut it for this hike. I am low on the funds front these days and fancy $200 hiking boots weren’t an option but I scored a great deal on some really sturdy Merrell hiking boots.

2014-12-05 12.46.36

They were only $79 at Marshall’s. I took Duncan for a test walk in the woods to see how the shoes felt.

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